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Lost Ark Classes: What are the subclasses in Lost Ark?

We guide you through the Lost Ark class system, along with translations.

Updated: Apr 21, 2022 1:44 pm
Lost Ark Classes: What are the subclasses in Lost Ark?

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Update: We are updating this guide to add links to beginner’s guides for each of the Lost Ark advanced classes in the western release. Feel free to check back and see what guides we have managed to get up and running ahead of launch and during launch.

Lost Ark is the latest MMORPG getting major attention in the west. The developers, Smilegate studios are bringing their popular Korean MMORPG to the west, equipped with localization and plenty of classes to dig into. Like almost every MMO, Lost Ark utilises a class and subclass system, which allows you to specialize in a more fitting playstyle. There is also a deeper progression system in the game, allowing you to make interesting builds that fit your playstyle. And, the best bit, almost every class build in Lost Ark is viable in some way or another.

At the time of writing, there are over 20+ subclasses, especially in the Korean version of the game. However, both the Russian version and the Western version have yet to get all the subclasses. In fact, there are only 15 advanced classes in the western launch.

Below you will find a rundown on the subclasses in the Lost Ark western release, along with a table letting you know the naming variations for every Lost Ark class and whether they are released in the three main regions westerns are familiar with. You can also use these tales to take a look at other classes in other regions and let Amazon Games know there’s a class not out yet that you want to play.

It is also worth mentioning that the Lost Ark classes have another name, the advanced classes. Note that the term Lost Ark advanced class and subclass is the same thing. All it means are the type of the Lost Ark class you want to play. When you make a character, you head to Trixion, a mystical place with a testing arena. Here the game allows you to test your advanced classes.

Once you’re done, you choose which advanced class you want your lost ark class to be. For example, if you pick a Warrior as your Lost Ark class, then you can later select if that wants to be a Paladin advanced class. Meanwhile, a Lost Ark Mage can later choose to be a Sorceress or Bard advanced class. With no further ado, let’s take a look at what to expect from each of the Lost Ark classes.

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Lost Ark Classes and their advanced classes

Lost Ark Founders Pack Skins
Image via Smilegate.

The most important thing to note about the Lost Ark classes is that every class is a DPS, aka a damage dealer. Every class has damage dealing skills, each with damage-dealing builds. Some are better than others, especially the unofficial support classes, such as Bard, Paladin, and to an extent, Gun Lancer. However, everything can clear all the content, some might be slower or require more skill than others. Below we provide a rundown on the class dynamics, along with a focus on the support like characters in the game.

When you make your character, you will get the option on the menu to select a Lost Ark class and a gender option. When you log in, you will then get a quick tutorial in a place called Trixion. Here you can test the different Lost Ark subclasses, and then choose which one you want to play. Keep this in mind if you’re entirely new to the game. Below we will go through each Lost Ark class and the subclasses available in the western launch.

Also, if you’re interested, we have made a Lost Ark tier list, giving you an idea of how these classes perform in PvP and PvE, and which ones are the best classes overall.

Lost Ark Warrior Classes

Lost Ark Berserker guide
The Berserker is one of the Lost Ark Warrior classes. Image via Smilegate.

The Warrior only has one DPS character at the time of writing for the western audience. The Berserker is your heavy-hitting wild man, that feels exactly like how you expect a Barbarian or Chieftan plays in Diablo or PoE. You have really long cooldowns, but you do some incredible damage when you enter your signature skill, berserk mode. Expect big slaps, whirlwind skills and lots of leaps as you unleash hell on your foes.

The Gunlancer is the Tankiest Lost Ark class thanks to its high defense stats and an identity skill that generates a massive shield. If you want the tank archetype this is it. You get abilities that do major zoning, along with grips and other very controlling skills, combined with a variety of melee and diving based skills. Tou should also be aware this Lost Ark class is the slowest in the game, and has a rather clunky space bar dash. Note, this is still a DPS class with soft support capabilities and can do quite a lot of damage, too. In PvP, many players use the Gunlancer as an off-support, using their CC tools to generate pressure while doing some damage on the side. You can also use these shields to buffs your allies too.

Meanwhile, the Paladin is one of the two major supports in Lost Ark. We will go into more detail later on in the support section.

Losst Ark Martial Artist Classes

Lost Ark Striker guide
Command your fists and nature itself to strike down your foes with Lost Ark Martial Artists.
Image via Smilegate.

Martial Artists are the eastern-inspired classes, each with different martial artists themes. Some are based on Japanese fighting games, with the Striker having combos and ranged skills that resemble characters like Ryu. The idea of the class is to go in, do crazy combo bursts and back out again. As you do damage, you’ll pick up energy orbs from foes, which unlock more skills that do incredible damage, such as turning into a tornado, uplifting enemies and doing massive ticking damage while they are stuck inside. Meanwhile, the Wardancer is the more controlling variation, which is also the female version of the Striker. You have more CC, dashes, and can do solid damage during those combo windows. However, she is much harder to master.

The Scrapper is the alternative if you want to use fist weapons, which is also one of the better stagger classes in the game. Most of the Lost Ark classes have some form of stagger mechanic, however, the Scrapper has some of the most efficient staggers in the game. All this mean is you can CC the boss with enough stagger, making Scrappers fill a great niche. Not to mention you have some really bursty damage builds, or really fast cooldown builds. It might be something to consider rather than playing the Striker, especially if you want to stand out from amongst the crowd.

Lastly, if you want to go full Dragon Ball, the Soulfist has an ultimate ability that channels a giant ball of white light in the sky, which they can later dump on the ground for some of the fattest burst damage in the game. This Lost Ark class is thematically brilliant, but he is one of the harder classes to get used to thanks to his high-risk-high-reward skills.

The first class to be added to the Western post-launch is the Lance Master (aka the Glaivier in the western client). This class is a glaive and spear wielder, which is all about ramping up damage through its unique dual meter. You then get a reward for how much of the bar you fill, grating some incredible crit chance, strike movements speed and regular damage buffs. This is by far one of the best classes of martial artists for those that want a competitive experience in PvE.

Lost Ark Gunner Classes

Lost Ark Gunner class
Shoot demons with a mixture of guns, bombs and bows with the ranger and gunner classes.
Image via Smilegate.

Gunners are the dedicated range class in the game. Before we go further, the Deadeye and the Gunslinger are essentially the same class. However, there are a few variations in their skills here or there, with the biggest being the character’s genders. The Gunslinger has a greater focus on the sniper rifle, while the Deadeye has a shotgun and greater focuses on rear positionals. The most important part is the class uses a variety of rifles, pistols and shotguns, all useful for long, mid and close-range combat.

On the other hand, the Sharpshooter is your dedicated long-range sniper character, using bows and sniper rifles to nuke the opposition. This is the type of class that sits at the back and acts as a true ranged character with some incredible ranged skills. You also get a cool UI when you enter your big hit aimed shots. Oh, and you can summon a robotic pet to damage too which helps to chip away or you can send into blow up foes depending on your build.

Lastly, the Artillerist is the ironclad, using heavy weapons like bazookas, artillery, and flamethrowers. They can also turn into a turret and start blasting while stationary and have one of the highest armor stats in the game, behind the Gunlancer. In PvP, these have incredible burst damage but are hard to pull off.

Lost Ark Mage Classes

Lost Ark Sorceress guide
Command the powers of the elements with the Sorceress. Image via Smilegate.

In the western version, there is only two Mage subclass. The Bard is a support class, that we will talk more into later. Therefore, there is only one dedicated DPS class for the mage, the Sorceress. The Sorceress replaces the Summoner from the beta, with the Sorceress instead focusing on the traditional elemental mage type playstyle familiar to the western audience when the game launches. Except to use a combination of fire, ice and lightning spells to destroy your foes. There are two main builds, one which uses high impact and burst windows, while another is more spammy and uses more channelled effects to deal damage instead. There is something for everyone with this Lost Ark Class.

However, we are that the Summoner is somewhat ready for western release. She was one of the classes that were in the Lost Ark closed beta, and was very popular. It won’t surprise us if this character capable of summoning objects, animals and using magic to fight her battles comes post-launch. However, if you want that tanged DPS playstyle, then you will need to take a closer look at the Sorceress for now. There is also an Arcanist class over in Korea, but there is no word on when that class may come over to the West.

Lost Ark Assassin Classes

Lost Ark Deathblade guide
The Deathblade is one of the most popular classes in the game. Image via Smilegate.

The western version only has two Assassins types at the minute. The Shadowhunter is an assassin, which turns the character into a demon when they charge up. If you like the Demon Hunter vibe from WoW, this is the character for you. In PvP, the character can turn into a demon and safely throw demon bolts and play as a ranged assassin if you so wish. It is a very unique class as it is one of the only classes with a metamorphosis window, in which you can do some of the biggest damage windows in the game. Alternatively, you can sacrifice the demon form with a build playstyle and focus on the demon martial skills to slay your enemies in another thematic fashion.

Meanwhile, the Deathblade, is the charge in assassin, mixing combos and cleaving with dual wield swords. This is an incredibly fast class, with plenty of dashes, combos and three weapons that slay her enemies. Think of her like a martial artist except more bloody and dangerous. Your role here is to fill up your gauge in combat, buff your weapons, and then performs an even deadlier attack when you’re done with the gauge, All in all, a very fast builder spender playstyle.

There is also the Reaper too, which is very assassin, jumping in, doing fast bursts and getting out. But, Amazon Games and Smilegate have not included it in the western launch for now.

Lost Ark Support classes

Lost Ark Bard 1
The Bard is an incredible support class. Image via Smilegate.

This section is dedicated to the two community defined classes, the Paladin and the Bard. The Paladin is all about healing, generating buffs and CC for his team. You can build it like a Ret Paladin from WoW if you want, but the build will not have you doing as much damage as other DPS Lost Ark classes out there. Many players love playing with a paladin, as the utility they provide is fantastic, and they are by far one of the most sort out of the Lost Ark classes for PvP. They can charge in, be tanky, and provide healing and buffs to ensure they can survive anything.

Meanwhile, the Bard uses a song system, which greatly enhances two purposes, damage output or healing output.  The damage output grants its allies the opportunity to buff their damage for several seconds, which works great in cooldown windows on boss fights or in PvP. Meanwhile, they can use their resource to enhance healing in an area. Overall, a very skill dependent support, but it has incredible value that make them incredibly strong in the right situations. 

Hopefully, this Lost Ark class guide helps you out a lot when choosing what you want your main or alts to be in the western Lost Ark launch. We will keep this article updated when more and more of the Lost Ark class and subclasses arrive in the west.

Lost Ark class system comparison: Korea, Russia, Western release differences

Here is a table containing every single Lost Ark class and subclass. Note that some subclasses have naming translation variations. For example, the Paladin is the western name, but Korea and Russia (to an extent) refer to it as a Holy Knight. Both subclasses are the same thing, just localized differently. We have created these tables so you can much easily navigate any guides or translation issues while Lost Ark localisation work continues.

Warrior SubclassesKoreaRussiaWestern
Paladin (Holy Knight)YesYesYes
Gunlancer (Warlord)YesYesYes
Female Berserker (teased in December)NoNoNo
Martial Artist SubclassesKoreaRussiaWestern
Lance Master (Glaivier)YesYesYes
Soul Fist (Soulmaster)YesYesYes
Wardancer (Battle Master)YesYesYes
Scrapper (Infighter)YesYesYes
Gunner SubclassesKoreaRussiaWestern
Gunslinger SubclassesYesYesYes
Artillerist (Blaster)YesYesYes
Dead Eye (Demon Hunter)YesYesYes
Sharpshooter (Hawkeye)YesYesYes
Mage SubclassesKoreaRussiaWestern
Assassin SubclassesKoreaRussiaWestern
Deathblade Blade (Blade)YesYesYes
Shadow Hunter (Demonic)YesYesYes
Specialist SubclassesKoreaRussiaWestern
Artist / PainterYesNoNo

*I also apologise for the oddly formatted tables. I can’t seem to get them to work in the backend all that well. This is the part where you tell me, the journalist, to learn to code.

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