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How to get to Rohendel in Lost Ark? Here is how

Will drive our ships to new land, to fight the horde, sing and cry, Rohendel we are coming.

Updated: Feb 16, 2022 6:26 pm
How to get to Rohendel in Lost Ark

Ahoy there sailors, I heard you’re wondering how to get to Rohendel and other continents in the west of Arkesia? Well, it takes a good captain, a solid crew, a mighty ship and shed loads of completed orange quests to remove that scurvy.

Okay, enough Pirate phrases. There is a hidden checklist if you’re wondering how to get Rohendel in Lost Ark. The game doesn’t do a particularly good job at directing you to Rohendel, which is a place that you need to visit for the later stages of the Tier 1 content.

You need to visit Rohendel to earn better rewards from the Rohendel Chaos Dungeon. In addition, you can reliably farm better T1 gear and you can get the second Awakening quest, and fight more World Bosses for greater loot. This is all part of your journey to T2 content, so, getting to Rohendel is huge for your character.

How to get to Rohendel in Lost Ark

If you try to go there before you’re ready, you’ll get notifications saying you are not yet ready to brave the seas. It may even pop up exclaiming you cannot pass the Procyon in one way or another. So, to get through, you first need to complete the roster quest, Wall of Procyon. The quest appears once you have done all your orange quests in Vern and got the to 460 item level.

Getting to 460 item level is a bit of a grind. It means having to grind out your usual end game activities like Chaos and Abyssal Dungeons to get there, along with visiting islands for extra honing materials if you wish to go the extra mile. Once you’re there and have done other hidden prerequisites, you should get the quest pop up in your adventurer’s guide, or it should pop up in the throne room of the Vern Castle.

The quest you get from the throne room is a sailing quest, which wants you to upgrade your ship. You can upgrade the starting ship you get, or you can opt for Brahms or Tragon if you want. When you head over to the harbor and visit the ship upgrade feature, you can get a free upgrade as part of the game’s tutorial.

Once you have completed the ship upgrade quest, you will then get a quest telling you to go to Rohendel Harbor. However, this teaches you more about dangerous waters. You will have to cross two deadlier areas of water trying to navigate to the west side of the map. You can either upgrade your ship’s hull, and get sailors more resistant to stormy weather effects, or find a path of least resistance. There is one path to the south of Verna and North of Luterra you can take, or you can follow the Shushire coast.

You can also death skip to Rohendel by dying close to the region in the stormy area, but that will be costly, and there’s no guarantee you will spawn in Rohendel.

This concludes or Rohendel guide. We hope you get to your destination safely and enjoy all the coming content in Lost Ark’s T1 content phase. For more guides, visit our Lost Ark Hub. Oh, and one last thing, you need to get to the west side of the map so you can take part in Ghost Ship events.

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