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Lost Ark Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyss Dungeon Guide: Tactics and tips

Keep getting your party wiped in Lost Ark’s Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyss Dungeon? This guide has all the mechanics, tips and tricks you need to know.

Updated: Mar 10, 2022 5:09 pm
Lost Ark Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyss Dungeon Guide: Tactics and tips

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Alaric’s Sanctuary is the fifth T2 end game Abyss Dungeon available in Lost Ark, the ninth in total. It is the final Abyss Dungeon in the Gate of Paradise Abyss Dungeons tab and the final Abyss Dungeon before T3. It continues the underwater theme all of the Gate of Paradise Dungeons have and the pesky oxygen mechanic.

To enter Alaric’s Sanctuary, you will need two parties of four players. All of these players need to be item level 960+ and need to have completed all of the previous Abyss Dungeons, including the other Gate of Paradise dungeons Sea of Indolence and Tranquil Karkosa. You can use matchmaking or the find party feature to quickly group up and take on this dungeon.

Lost Ark Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyss Dungeon Mechanics and Tactics

If you have completed the previous Gate of Paradise Abyss Dungeons, Alaric’s Sanctuary’s continuation of the oxygen mechanic should be no surprise or challenge by now. Once again, a slowly emptying ring will appear above the player’s head, indicating their remaining oxygen. To refill your oxygen, you need to stand on air bubbles or interact with plants that will be marked on your mini-map.

Witch of Enchantment Sarahiel & Nightmare Incarnate Belloc tactics, tips and mechanics

The first thing to note about this particular encounter is that the party will initially be split back into two groups of four with each group taking on either Sarahiel or Belloc.

  • The first major mechanic for this encounter begins when the group fighting Sarahiel reduces her to 15 remaining HP bars. At this point, she will move to the centre of the arena and knock the party back. She will then summon a lot of shadow orbs and one golden orb. Your party needs to quickly find and destroy the golden orb. If anyone is hit by or attacks a shadow orb it will restrict the whole party’s vision making finding the golden orb much more difficult. You can cleanse this with Paladin skills or Panaceas.
  • The player who destroys the golden orb will be surrounded by a golden ring. The Sarahiel party then needs to move to the centre of the arena where a portal will have appeared. Once on the other side, the two parties are reunited. At this point the group fighting Belloc should run inside the golden ring to avoid a raid wipe mechanic. This mechanic is repeated when Sarahiel is killed minus the portal.
  • Sarahiel randomly infects a player with a parasite debuff. To remove this debuff you need to stand in the puddles of purple goo that Sarahiel casts occasionally.
  • Belloc’s attacks both deal damage and reduce your oxygen so make sure to keep an eye on it during this fight. The majority of his attacks are pretty telegraphed, they tend to be large circle or ring AOE attacks.

Alaric tactics, tips and mechanics

This encounter in the Lost Ark Alaric’s Sanctuary Abyss Dungeon has one major mechanic to keep in mind. Once you understand how it works this once should be a breeze.

  • Every time Alaric’s remaining HP bars are reduced by 4 (16, 12, 8 and 4), he will begin his raid wipe mechanic. A pop-up notification will let you know that “the Alaric Token has been engraved”. At this point, one player will be marked with a red arrow whilst some players will be surrounded by large red rings.
  • The marked player needs to move between Alaric and one of the four columns around the arena. Alaric will then release a blast that destroys the column and deals a lot of damage. Make sure you have a good amount of health before taking the hit.
  • The players surrounded by red rings need to get out of the way of their teammates. Anyone else caught in the ring after a few seconds is hit by an AOE blast that knocks them down.
  • Every time a column is destroyed, the party should try to fight close to any remaining columns. This will give the marked player much more time to get in position and for everyone else to get out of the way.

Alaric Phase 2 tactics, tips and mechanics

The final encounter of this dungeon is probably the toughest so far. It begins immediately after you defeat Alaric for the first time. We recommend voting for a restart at this point so you can set up without wasting a run. Once you are in the starting area for this encounter, you need to set positions for your party. You want to get organised into a rough arrow shape, five players making up the head of the arrow and three making a central line. I say a rough arrow shape as these are not precise points that safe areas will spawn, but they will generally be pretty close.

  • Move to your assigned position when you see Alaric move to the centre of the arena, and his tridents begin to circle him. Small golden circles will appear on the ground, in the general arrow shape. Only one player can fit in each safe zone, make sure to stand in your assigned circle to avoid the wipe. This mechanic can happen a lot during the course of the fight.
  • The majority of Alaric’s attacks give the player a stacking debuff. At five stacks, a large frozen aura will appear around the player and their movement speed is greatly reduced. If you have this aura, you want to get as far away from your party as possible. Anyone caught in the AOE when the aura triggers are frozen for ten seconds.
  • When Alaric has 28 and 12 HP bars remaining, he will move to the centre of the arena and slam his trident against the floor. This is a really tough stagger check so make sure your party is focussing him at this time. You will probably need whirlwind grenades and stagger abilities to get through this in time. Or pray you have high stagger classes like Scrapper and Artillerist.
  • Once you make it through the stagger check, the party needs to quickly move to the edges of the ring Alaric has formed around himself. Large and medium-sized golden orbs will be moving towards the ring. You need to destroy the medium orbs and use stagger abilities on the larger orbs to stop them. Each orb that makes it through will reduce the party’s vision. If too many make it, the party will wipe.
  • Alaric will periodically summon a blizzard orb. This is a blue orb that is surrounded by a cyclone. If this orb is left unattended it will eventually explode and freeze the party. If you see one of these orbs the best thing to do is walk into it. This will freeze you but allow the rest of your party to stay safe.

That concludes this Lost Ark Alaric’s Sanctuary guide. We hope you found it useful! Why not check out some other content and guides over at the WePC Lost Ark Hub?

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