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Lost Ark Amethyst guide: What do they do in-game?

Here is a guide on everything you need to know on the Lost Ark Amethyst currency.

Updated: Feb 9, 2022 3:35 pm
Lost Ark Amethyst guide: What do they do in-game?

If anything is daunting in a new MMO, then it is most certainly currencies. MMOs these days tend to have more currencies than they should, whether you realize it or not. And this applies to the Lost Ark Amethysts. 

If you have been dabbling in the Lost Ark Founders packs or the recent Lost Ark Prime Gaming and Twitch drops, you may find yourself owning an Amethyst pack. When you redeem these, you get plenty in your inventory but no indicator of what they do. To answer that enigmatic question, we have curated this Lost Ark Amethysts guide to answer that query.

What are Lost Ark Amethysts?

Lost Ark Amethyst Vendor
Lost Ark Amethysts are used to get cosmetics, premium currency buffs, or general battle supplies.

Lost Ark Amethysts are a unique item that you can collect in stacks. You collect them passively as you play the game, which you can then later spend on the game. They also can come from a variety of sources as rewards from completing end game content, along with getting them as part of giveaways, events and more.

If you’re only just getting into the game and are searching this up, then it means you got them from a weird reward or event. This is why you have the Lost Ark Amethysts in your inventory with no indicator of what they are or what they do.

The character you are looking for is the Mysterious Man, who is the Amethyst Exchange Merchant. This merchant is scattered around the higher end zones, such as Nia Village in Punika, Rothun in Rohendel, Luterra Castle in East Luterra and other significant locations. When you eventually get to the game’s later stages, you will grab more of these and find the appropriate vendors.

What can you buy with lost Ark Amethyst Shards?

Lost Ark Amethyst Mount
Fancy yourself a purple wolf mount? Get farming them Amethysts.

The vendor is useful for buying some interesting buffs or collectables. There are plenty of currency packs, such as the Amethyst Fragment packs. You can also get your hands on the Crystalline Aura, which is a premium membership subscription that offers a few buffs, like no teleport costs, sailing buffs and more.

If you’re more interested in cosmetic packs, you can get a variety of options. An Arkesia Paper Mask selection box gets you a skin you can apply to your character. If you’re a fan of pet or mount collecting, you can get these things too. The image above is an example of a mount you can get your hands on with enough grinding.

Note, the prices of these items all vary. Some of the items you can grab are only 2200 Lost Ark Amethysts. However, the mount costs 22000, which is a big grind. Good luck with farming these crystals if there is a cosmetic or premium package you want to get simply by playing the game.

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