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Lost Ark Ancheladus World Boss: Location, loot & tactics

Here is a look at the Lost Ark Ancheladus boss battle, featuring tactics and tips you need to know.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022 5:23 pm
Lost Ark Ancheladus World Boss: Location, loot & tactics

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Lost Ark is brimming with World bosses across all the game’s tiers. These world bosses provide solid ways of getting extra quality content, including getting extra sources of honing reagents, along with honing success chance items and, of course, engraving and gear sources. If you’re a T2 player looking to make your way into T3, we recommend giving the Lost Ark Ancheladus fight a go. 

Lost Ark Ancheladus Location

Lost Ark Ancheladus location

The Lost Ark Ancheladus location is easily found at the very top of the Red Moonshade, in Feiton. Please check the calendar in the top left of the UI when in-game, click the date appropriate, and click the Field Boss tab. It will tell you all the World Bosses and the times they spawn relative to the server’s time. Note, this is an event spawn boss, which is related to the appropriate spawn times of the Procyon Compass. 

Alternatively, if you’re already on Feiton, you can click the Red Moonshade portion of the area and see the countdown to the spawn time of the boss in real-time.

Ancheladus tips and mechanics

Like most other world bosses, Ancheladus is not so hard. However, there are a few Ancheladus mechanics you’ll want to be aware of so you can void repairing your gear or wasting one of your Phoenix Feathers.

There is one core mechanic that you want to work on, especially DPS. The boss will spawn Bloody Moon Shards throughout the fight, one north, east, south, and west of the boss’ position. You should destroy these shards, as they can make the boss vulnerable, we believe after the boss relocates itself. Support classes like Bards should save their damage increase bonuses here, along with DPS saving their Awakenings to dump on the boss during this stage. You can tell it happens as a guide pop-up will appear in the centre middle of the screen.

For the more regular mechanics, here are the most damaging Ancheladus mechanics to watch for:

  • Wide slam- Ancheladus performs a wide slam in a direction. We advise either outranging the skill or standing to the side or the back of the boss to avoid this.
  • Rupture – The boss makes a 360-degree ring around itself, creating rock spikes all around it. While these are up, the boss will begin to channel a spell, which eventually explodes and shatters the rock. Move away from the rock and get out of the space between the boss and the rocks before it goes off.
  • Expanding Rings – The boss sends out several different rings around the boss, with rocks emerging from the ring and launching players. The ring then expands another layer, potentially comboing players.
  • Suckerpunch – The boss creates red circles on the ground, which erupt shortly later sending little golem hands up from the grand to give players a good whacking.
  • Mid-range ring. The boss does another 360-degree ring at a medium-range and is rather thick. Try to dodge this, especially ranger characters like Sorceresses and Sharpshooters 

Ancheladus loot table

Lost Ark World boss bid
An example of loot world bosses can drop.

There are plenty of reasons why you want to go and fight Ancheladus. The first is because it offers you the chance to get those last few honing items to help push those extra chances are getting into T3. If you are behind on the engravings you need, then an extra source of engravings is a nice touch.

Lastly, if you are a completionist, then taking on this world boss is necessary for the Feiton Adventure Guide. You can get an item called the Eel Caviar. When you get this item, you can turn it into Janet, who is found in the Black Falcon Inn in Kalaja. The recipe also needs other cooking materials, which you can get from Janet.

Don’t forget about the post boss bidding. You can get your hands on some specific engravings, which may mean you get win engravings at a lower price, or potentially flog them on the trading posts.

Eel CaviarA material used in crafting Eel Caviar Salad. A cooking recipe.
Corrupted Light NecklaceA T2 necklace that grants the user a 3057 primary stat and 1310 Vitality. The necklace also comes with 2 random combat engravings, along with three random engraving effects. 
Corrupted Light EarringsThese T2 Earrings offer the user 2378 primary stat and 936 Vitality. Players can expect a random combat stat, along with two random engravings on their gear.
Corrupted Light RingThe T2 Corrupted Light Ring allows players to receive 2208 primary stat and 749 Vitality.Bag yourself a random combat stat along with three random active engraving effects on the piece of gear.
Corrupted Shadow EarringsEarn yourself 2378 primary stat and 936 Vitality from this tier 2 necklaceGain an additional combat stat and three active engraving effects.
Corrupted Shadow RingBoost your stats with 2208 of your primary stat and 749 Vitality.Your gear can get an additional combat stat and three active random engravings.
Level 1 Azure GemContains a random gem enchant per drop.
Level 1 Farsea GemLike the Azure gem, this has a chance to contain a random gem effect you can use to enhance your character.
Destruction StoneA red honing reagent, which you can append to upgrade your T2 weapon’s item level.
Guardian StoneA blue honing reagent that you can use to upgrade your T2 pieces of armor.
Moon’s Breath (Bound)A honing increase chance item that significantly improves the chance to upgrade your items.
Relic Ability Stone (Legendary)Obtain a legendary quality Ability Stone, which you can modify to get engraving nodes on your character.
Bleed Epic RuneA rune you can apply to your gear that makes the skill inflict a bleed on the enemies hit.
Rare quality Battle Engraving RecipeContains a rare quality battle engraving.
Epic quality Battle Engraving RecipeContains an epic quality battle engraving
XP CardGrants your character extra XP.

This concludes this Lost Ark Ancheladus World Boss battle. If you enjoyed this article, then why not check out our Lost Ark Section, which is brimming with guides on the game.

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