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Lost Ark Arkesia Event Coins guide: Best items to buy & how to farm

Updated: Mar 11, 2022 4:40 pm
Lost Ark Grand Prix Race

The Lost Arkesia Event Coins is a new currency that launched as part of the Grand Prix event. It is a new game mode where players can race against other players and earn new rewards you can buy using the new currency. The best bit is that the Lost Arkesia Event Tokens are easily farmable and have some solid rewards. Here are the best Lost Ark Arkesia Event Coin rewards you’ll want to get your hands on.

Best Lost Ark Arkesia Event rewards

Lost Ark Arkesia Event Coins
I got Beatrix. What did you get this week?

If you head over to the Lost Ark Grand Prix Managers, located in any major city except for Prideholm. When you speak to the NPC, you can get a daily quest and have access to a vendor filled with interesting products. 

There are items that you want to get your hands on early on for the most part. There are some great card packs you can get. You’re going to want to pick these up on your roster as it’s a great extra way of getting cards, especially the legendary card. It means that through the event you can get four guaranteed legendary card, which is incredibly generous considering how good the deck system is to your roster’s power. You can also get a random chance at 40 cards through the Any Card back, which you can get a total of 40 through the event. It’s extra ways to complete that overall card feature that you don’t normally get.

The other must-buy items are the engraving books. If you have the appropriate amount, you can get extra ways to improve your engravings. However, if you get a decent one that another class needs, then you can sell them at the auction house. It is a great way to get yourself some extra gold.

If you’re not at the point where you can reliably buy the engraving books, then you can increase your item level with extra honing materials on your main. There are quite a few guardian and destruction honing pieces you can get from the vendor, along with the appropriate tier leapstones and honing success chance upgrades. It is a guaranteed way of getting extra progression every week that you wouldn’t normally do. Moreso,  this is going to be incredibly useful for all those T3 players looking to make their way towards Argos thanks to high costs and low success honing chance.

How to farm Lost Ark Arkesia Event Coins

The new currency is easy enough to farm. You can get them by doing your regular daily activities, including Chaos Dungeons and Guadian Raids. Most characters typically get 100 for each of their daily runs from both GR and CDs. It means you can get around 400 a day. We also keep getting around 200 per run on a low item level tier 1 alt, so there’s potential for those rather far behind on a character to bag more. 

However, for the biggest haul of Areksia Event Coins, you’re going to want to do the Grand Prix event. This can grab you lots of coins which seems to vary based on the result of the mat, and your position in the race.

Though, don’t get too bogged down on farming these coins. These coins are bountiful when you do play the game, and they are roster bound, meaning the more alts you play daily content on the better. You should be able to farm enough resources to easily get all the progression-related items from the vendor every week.

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