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Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo location and loot table

Here is a closer look at what you can expect from the Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo world boss.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022 4:55 pm
Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo location and loot table

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Lost Ark is quite a lot of end game to get through in Lost Ark, and one of the ways you’re going to progress is by taking part in Lost Ark World bosses. Some of the end game world bosses are up from the get-go. However, others are event spawn ins. One of these event-based Lost Ark World bosses is the Chaotic Chuo. The less chaotic version of the Chuo is a regular end game world boss, but its more twisted and sinister side will come to claim us every few days. 

When it is up, you want to fight the Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo when you can. Below we have offered you a guide detailing everything you need to know on the Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo guide. Expect a rundown on the items you can get, the level requirements you need, and, of course, its location.

Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo Location and spawn time

Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo location
When the boss is in play you can see it in the Spring of Echoes.

The Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo is located in the Spring of Echoes, the named area of the Melody Forest zone on the Anikka continent, located in the far east of the game’s world map. Note this is an end game zone, so be prepared to contend with some higher tier enemies along the way.

When you arrive in the zone, you can open the map and see exactly the Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo. It will have itself a boss shape icon on the map, which may be greyed out or colored in, indicating whether the boss is available or not. If the boss is not available, it will show you a countdown of when the event goes live. You can also check what days have different events in the calendar menu, which you can find at the top left corner of the UI.

Please be aware that the game actively recommends that the player has 380 item level before taking part in the Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo fight. It is similar to other T1 World Bosses, which are Signatus and Tarsilla.

Lost Ark Chaotic Chuo Loot

Okay, so, you want to participate in the Lost Ark Chaos Chuo fight, and you’re likely interested in its loot? Well, there are quite a few items that you can get from the boss. Below is a table that features the Chaotic Chuo loot table and the items you can get from the boss. Note, these items are typically Epic, Rare or Uncommon Tier 1 items. Some of the drop table features currencies, gems, upgrade reagents, card packs and more, so they are always worth coming back to as part of your sideways progression, even if the epic ilvl upgrades are no longer worth the hassle.

Item nameStats and descriptionRandom Engravings and combat bonuses
Forbidden Magick Necklace351 primary stat (your class), 243 VitalityTwo random combat and engraving bonuses.
Forbidden Magick Earrings273 primary stat and 174 VitalityOne combat and two engravings.
Forbidden Magick Ring253 primary stat and 139 Vitality.One combat enchants and two engravings.
Forbidden Elemental Earrings273 primary stat and 174 Vitality.One combat and two engraving effects.
Forbidden Elemental Ring253 primary stat and 139 Vitality.One combat enchants and two engravings.
Destruction Stone FragmentA fragment players use to upgrade for honing armor.
Guardian Stone FragmentHoning armor fragment.
Star’s BreathIncrease the Honing success chance on T1 gear.
Epic Ability StoneObtain an epic ability stone that matches your character’s item level.
BleedAdds a bleed effect to your skill – has a chance to inflict bleed on the enemy for four seconds.
Chaotic ChuoRare collectable card.
Battle Engraving Recipe (uncommon)Obtain an uncommon battle engraving
Battle Engraving Recipe (Rare)Obtain a rare battle engraving.
XP CardObtain a Legendary XP card that you can send to any character on your server’s roster.

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