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Grab yourself a Lost Ark Egg pet thanks to Prime Gaming

Get yourself a new pet and other goodies in March's Prime Gaming loot

Updated: Jul 12, 2022 10:12 am
Lost Ark Egg Pet

The next monthly reward for Lost Ark has arrived, with the Egg Pet now up for grabs for Prime Gaming subscribers. You get a new item in your account inventory when you redeem it, allowing you to redeem the pet for your roster on a server.

Like most gifts in Lost Ark, you get the chance to choose one of several options. The Lost Ark Egg pet contains one of three varieties, a red, blue, or orange egg. Each also has a ship speciality power, featuring either fire, ice, or wind resistance for your Stronghold missions. However, there is no preview for the Lost Ark Egg pet, so choose which one wisely. Fortunately enough, the eggs don’t look different to each other, minus a color difference, so, don’t sweat too much about it.

Moreso, the Lost Ark Prime Gaming rewards also give players some extra Crystalline Aura, along with some Amethyst Shards. The Crystalline Aura grants you some nice XP buffs, along with offering you more opportunities to use your big song cooldowns, Bifrost improvements and more. Meanwhile, Amethyst Shards are a nice resource that helps you get some nice vanity rewards, such as an exclusive purple wolf mount.

To claim these rewards, you need to head over to Twitch TV. You can go onto the ‘New Prime Loot’  section in the top right of the Twitch website and then click on the Lost Ark Egg Pet pack. You can then redeem it to your twitch inventory, which will then directly go to your Lost Ark account if you have linked your Steam account to your Twitch account. If not, you can do so on your Twitch connections settings on your account settings page.

And there you go, enjoy your Lost Ark Egg pet, along with your new five days of Crystalline Aura and the Amythyst shards. Keep in mind Amazon Games is going to giveaway random rewards for Lost Ark every month on Prime Gaming Loot, so keep your eyes peeled for extra goodies in April.

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