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Lost Ark Emotes

What Emotes are available in Lost Ark?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022 3:09 pm
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In most MMORPGs, Emotes are a really easy and fun way to communicate with other players. Whether they’re to mock, taunt or greet others, emotes are expected in any MMORPG. And it’s no different for Lost Ark. So what Emotes are available and how can you use them?

Lost Ark has quickly become a widely popular and free-to-play MMORPG available worldwide. Initially a South Korean only game, it was recently published worldwide for Western audiences thanks to Amazon Games.

Emotes in Lost Ark

There are 32 emotes in Lost Ark, each of which can be acquired differently.

  • Polite: Becoming a Queen (starts at Luterra Castle)
  • Respect: Ealyn’s Gift (starts after enterring Vern Castle the first time)
  • Cute: Exchange (Yurei for 5,000 Silver)
  • Sway: Becoming an Idol (Starts at Danidani on Peyto)
  • Surrender: Rebuilding Luterra (Starts at Ranche in Luterra Castle)
  • Affection: A Great Discovery (Starts at MoyaMoya on Totopia. Last Chain Quest Reward)
  • Shy: What a woman wants (Starts at Future Millionair Zenri)
  • Frustrated: The Totoikis Dream: Creation (Starts at Toto Silver Island)
  • Fear: Chance for Healing (ru) (Starts at Schweizer on Metus Islands)
  • Beg: Lina the Lovely (Starts at Pleasant Lina on Runaways Island)
  • Joy: Mokamoka reward (trust)
  • Taunt: Exchange (Blackfang, Freedom Isle for 3,360)
  • Advance: Adventure’s Tome (Arthetine 40%)
  • Bored: Adventure’s Tome (Rethramis 70%)
  • Pain: Reputation Lv.3 reward (Remants of the Plague – Rethramis Border)
  • Stretch: Adventure’s Tome (West Luterra 70%)
  • Cheers: Master’s Drinking Table (Starts in Melody Forest)
  • Kiss: Lei-bark star (ru) (Starts at Karhu in Nia Village)
  • Pray: Morai Ruins (Starts in Saland Hill)
  • Laugh: Exchange (Naphta – Flowering Orchard for 6,000)
  • Roar: Exchange (Blackfang – Freedom Isle for 3,360)
  • Threaten: Collectibles (10 Island Tokens)
  • Whistle: Reputation (Lv.3 Reward Root Eaters)
  • Proud: Collectibles (4 Masterpieces)
  • Interrogate: The Three Leaders (Starts in Stern)
  • Dumb: Wonderful visitor (Starts at Neria in Isendelf)
  • Lay Lay: Dance Lessons (Starts in Nia Village)
  • Wave Down: Collectibles (35 Island Tokens)
  • Spirit Recovery: The Garden Path (Starts at Eunsun on any Island)
  • Levitate: Pioneer of Shangra (Starts at Eunsun on any Shangra Island)
  • Oath: Black Blade (Starts in Kallazar)
  • Error: Secret Archives (Starts at Minerva on Wisdom Isle)

How to use Emotes

There are mainly two ways to use emotes in Lost Ark. You’ll find a HUD element labelled Community in the lower right corner of the screen. In this label, you can find the Emote tab, and choose the emote you want to use. You can get access to this menu by hotkey by pressing Y.

Otherwise you can access all your emotes by typing the corresponding command in chat, so for example if you want to do the ‘Taunt’ emote, then you simply type /taunt then hit enter to activate the emote.

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