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Lost Ark Endgame: What to do at level 50?

Here is everything you can and should do to progress through the Lost Ark end game.

Updated: Feb 15, 2022 6:37 pm
Lost Ark Endgame: What to do at level 50?

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Lost Ark’s endgame is really quick and easy to get to, but what exactly is it you do? Well, the endgame is filled with content, ranging from a variety of activities. There are many end game islands you can visit, world bosses to beat, and Chaos and Abyss dungeons to do. And then, you have the pinnacle of the end game, the Guardian and Legion Raids.

In this article, we will guide you through the Lost Ark endgame. You will know exactly what to do at level 50, along with a breakdown of every aspect of these features.

Lost Ark Endgame explained

The main aim of your characters’ gearing progression is to progress through the tiers. Lost Ark’s main content progression is split through tiers. The first load of content is Tier 1, the game’s first-ever piece of end game content. You will need to get to item level 600 to progress into Tier 2, which will drag you to 1000 ilvl, where you can participate in Tier 3 content.

But, to get there, you need to get your gear upgraded, and then complete all the guide and story content for that tier. Make sure you are working through as much of the purple and orange quest on your main character as you can. You can even get your second Awakening skill from doing these quests.

But, to upgrade your gear, you’re going to need to take part in daily and weekly activities. If you take a look at the Una’s Tasks, you can take a look at the weekly and daily content your character needs to go through. Your first objective is to try and complete as many of these things on your main character as possible. These quests typically involve doing Abyssal dungeons, Chaos Dungeons and other content. We will explain these pieces of content in more detail

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeon Guide
The statue behind my character is a Chaos Dungeon shrine.

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons are a staple of the Lost Ark end game, and one of the more fun opportunities too. You want to enter these Chaos Dungeons through a state in one of the main city hubs. Here, you will participate in the most casual and hardcore Lost Ark endgame progressions. You can do these activities solo, or with a  group of players if you wish.

Chaos Dungeons typically award players with items like Perception Shards and Disorder Crystals. These are currencies you can get passively, that you can spend at Chaos Dungeon vendors located next to the Chaos Dungeon matchmaking statues. Trade the items in for chances at gear honing items like Guardian Shards. You need these shards, amongst other things to hone your gear, which means upgrading your gear’s item level. 

You can also get these items directly from the Chaos Dungeons, along with Engraving packs, Card Packs, and other sideways progressions systems. It is another reason why the Chaos Dungeons are so great. It is also worth mentioning the Chaos Dungeons have access to different gear rewards. Rohendel has higher tier rewards as it is later on in the T1 content. T2 zones also have T2 Chaos Dungeons, etc.

Lost Ark Abyss Dungeons

Lost Ark Abyss Dungeons
Abyss Dungeons are must for gear.

Lost Ark Abyss dungeons are another core part of the Lost Ark end game system. This is 100% one of the things that you want to do on any Lost Ark level character. The Abyss Dungeons are four-player dungeons, which you can queue for at any major player hub. As you progress through the game and get more item level you can unlock new Abyss Dungeons. Typically what you find is there is an easier and a harder one for every tier.

The first tier of content requires you to battle through the Ancient Elveria dungeons. The higher tier ones will then have you battle against foes in the Phantom Palace. Note, the first Abyssal dungeon of every tier awards players purple quality item set, with the harder dungeon awarding the legendary version of your class set. You want to keep upgrading these sets the best you can, using the materials you get from the Chaos Dungeons, currency exchanges, and Islands, more on this later.

Note, you need to meet certain Item level thresholds before you can jump into different difficulties of Abyssal Dungeons. You can find the entry-level on the menu in the Abyss Dungeon UI. You can see the above image as an example.

Below is a list of all the Abysaal Dungeons currently in the western release:

  • Ancient Elveria – purple tier 1 gear
  • Phantom Palace – legendary tier 1 gear
  • Ark of Arrogance – purple tier 2 gear.
  • Gates of Paradise – legendary tier 2 gear.
  • Orehra’s Well – purple tier 3 gear.

Lost Ark Islands

Islands is an endgame feature that players will mainly do in Tier 1. It become a lot less important in higher tier content, but, there are still new islands to visit along with event islands in the game.

Islands are something that you can do if you really want to. These islands have the chance of dropping a variety of collectables, along with them being sources of Engravings and card packs. They are also an extra source of honing items, which means they are a decent way of farming your honing items if you have extra time to play the game.

We have a more in-depth guide covering Lost Ark’s Islands as part of the Lost Ark endgame if you’re interested.

Lost Ark World Bosses

No doubt you’ll have come across a few World Bosses while leveling. Well, it turns out there are quite a few World Bosses at the endgame, too. You can check out the calendar events in the top left of the screen. There are also static Lost Ark endgame bosses at level cap throughout the world.

You’ll want to farm these for a chance at jewellery pieces of gear. The Abyss dungeons only give your actual gear sets, so these items have to come from your higher-end Chaos Dungeons or World Boss loot. One of the best examples we have is of the Chaotic Chuo, which shares a loot table with Rohendel’s Chaos dungeon. You can read more about the Chaotic Chuo here.

Lost Ark Guadian and Legion Raids

Lost Ark Gurdian Raid
Boards like this allow you to access Guardian Raids.

Lost Ark’s Guardian Raids are the most common form of eight-player content in the game. These are the hardest boss fights for Tier 1 and Tier 2 content. You’ll find ways to queue for Guardian Raids in any of the end game city hubs.

However, Legion Raids are an entirely different ball game. You may have stumbled upon Saintone’s how hard is Lost Ark video. If not, we highly recommend taking a look. These raids are like Mythic or Savage raiding from WoW and FFXIV. These raids are designed for only the most determined and skilled Lost Ark endgame raiders. If you’re up for this content, we recommend doing it. 

However, it is not 100% needed to progress from different tiers. This is just a type of content that will maximize your character’s item level if you’re interested in the current content and seeing the game’s toughest of challenges.

Lost Ark Tower, Boss Rush and the Cube

Lost Ark End Game
The Tower is one of the end game activities.

Lastly, there is a Tower, Boss Rush and Cube modes. Each of these features offers players different end game challenges, but they are more optional, and all have a one life challenge.

The Tower offers players new challenges, getting extra rewards along the way. The tower can be a good source of farming additional cards or engravings if you want that content. Meanwhile, Boss Rush pits you against different bosses, allowing you to test your class while grabbing nice rewards. And there is the Cube, which is like a horde mode dungeon, with progressively harder waves of mobs.

These three pieces of content are optional and provide different PvE Challenges for you to play through. Don’t feel pressured to get these done unless you want to complete a weekly or daily for Una’s Journal.

This concludes our Lost Ark endgame guide. Hopefully, You now knows what to do at level 50, or at least what you could or should be doing. Please note this article doesn’t take a look at the optional content, like Adventure journal completion, collectables, player housing and more. Nor does it cover making alts. All of these are perfectly valid ways of spending time in Lost Ark and having fun with the game. If you like any of these things, then go for it!

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