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Lost Ark Guardian Raids Guide

A guide to the Guardian Raids feature in Lost Ark!

Updated: Apr 22, 2022 4:11 pm
Lost Ark Guardian Raids Guide

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Guardian Raids are, in my opinion, some of Lost Ark’s most enjoyable pieces of end game content. In Guardian Raids, players can team up with up to three other players to take on massive creatures, or Guardians, out in Arkesia. Each Guardian comes with its own unique set of attack patterns and abilities. You cannot see Guardian’s health bars in the same way you could for a boss in an Abyss Dungeon, adding another interesting element to these challenges.

Each Guardian Raid has its own item level entry requirement, they are supposed to become increasingly difficult as you progress through the levels. However, some Guardians have raid wipe abilities or unique interactions that make them more challenging. Going into these raids armed with knowledge will save you, and your party, deaths!

How to unlock Guardian Raids

You must be combat level 50 and complete the Guide quest Guardian Raid Qualifications Certificate to unlock Guardian Raids. Once you have completed this quest, you can start a raid from the Guardian Raid bulletin board found in every major city. You can complete two Guardian Raids per day and the expected rewards include accessories, engraving recipes and leapstones.

Tier 1 Guardian Raids

The first section of the Guardian Raids contains fairly simple bosses. There’s nothing special about these bosses other than the usual line skills, charge skills and other AOE skills. Pick which ones of these Guardian Raids you want to to do a day. If you need gear, then go for the most relevant, but, if you want the honing resources, then you can go for whatever is easiest. This is an idea you can use as you progress through the different tiers.

Raid Level 1


Item level 302+

“Ur’nil, now well armoured, devastates forward foes with raging paws”.


Item level 340+

“Guardian Luen stays in the thick fog and tests the adventurers who appear before them with a light of brilliance”.

Icy Legoros

Item level 380+

“Icy Legoros generates cold energy from its hulking body to freeze enemies and then shatter them into bloody shards of ice”.


Item level 420+

“Vertus, a behemoth called the Ruler of Frost, is said to freeze the body just by being close to it. Watch out for Vertus’s cold breath and powerful tail”.

Raid Level 2

Lost Ark Flame Fox Yoho
Remember Yoho as this boss reappears throughout the tiers.


Item level 460+

“This Tyrant with sturdy back shell is not just a big and tough beast. Watch out for the breath emanating from the roar and the magick spheres emanating from the shell”.


Item level 500+

“With its gigantic body, strong, hard claws and huge thorns, Nacrasena, the guardian of the desert, overwhelms those who witness its grandeur”.

Flame Fox Yoho

Item level 540+

“The breath of flames emanating from Flame Fox Yoho burns all surroundings and douses the opponent in flames”.


Item level 580+

“The fierce and enormous Tytalos, with its Sandstone Claws, appears among the sands of the desert and strikes fear into the hearts of those who see it”.

Tier 2 Guardian Raids

Raid Level 3

Lost Ark Helgaia Guardian Raid Guide
Helgaia is a firey bird that becomes accessible in the Tier 2 of the Lost Ark Guardian Raid section.

Dark Legoros

Item level 802+

“Dark Legoros fumes pour dark power from its huge body and blinds its enemies to make them easy prey”.


Item level 840+

“Helgaia is a huge bird with colourful feathers, and when the fight begins, the feathers gradually become covered with flames and become more powerful. There is a legend that even after death, Helgaia’s spirit rises from the fire”.


Item level 880+

“The fierce frenzy of Calventus covers the whole area in darkness, denying all existence except himself”.


Item level 920+

“Achates, who has wings of dazzling light, possesses the dignity of overpowering all beings with divine power”.

Raid Level 4

Lost Ark Alberhastic Guide
Alberhastic is one of the big bads of this section of the Lost Ark Guardian Raids.

Frost Helgaia

Item level 960+

“Frost Helgaia, covered with fiery cold flames, uses powerful ice and cold breath to freeze all living things”.

Lava Chromanium

Item level 1000+

“There is a crack in the back of Lava Chromanium where hot lava flows. Smoke and flames leak from the gap”.


Item level 1040+

“The old being, the Elemental King Levanos, wears powerful armour. In order to attack the core, the source of its power, first remove the armour”.


Item level 1080+

“Guardian Alberhastic, who waited to choose until after the Chain War, showed its magnificent appearance to Arksesia, holding a spear of agony”.

Tier 3 Guardian Raids

Lost Ark Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide
One of the T3 Guardian Raids in Lost Ark

Raid Level 5

Armoured Nacrasena

Item level 1302+

“Armoured Nacrasena transforms a fairly weak tail into a deadly mace and uses it for attacks. The reinforced tail has the power to destroy everything in an instant”.


Item level 1340+

“Igrexion, a devastating predator who coloured the earth red during the Chain War. When he broke through the dark red earth with a harsh roar, he began to destroy everything perceived as an enemy”.

Night Fox Yoho

Item level 1370+

“A mysterious light that flows from a starlight-covered tail. If one is seduced by the beauty of Night Fox Yoho, one will be attacked by the cruel claws hidden in it”.


Item level 1385+

“Velganos, master of the power of light and darkness, judged the enemy by expressing his burning anger”.

That concludes this Lost Ark Guardian Raids Guide. We hope you found it useful! If you did, why not check out some other content at our Lost Ark hub?

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