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Play Lost Ark using the Korean Voice Over DLC pack

Play Lost Ark using the original Korean VOs thanks to the new DLC launch.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022 2:22 pm
Lost Ark Korean VO

Lost Ark is out now in the west, with the localization team doing an enormous job of getting the game localized for all the common European languages and even changing voice lines. However, with the game 100% designed for Korean, the devs have decided to offer more authenticity, by releasing the Korean voiceovers for Lost Ark.

If you fancy playing Lost Ark using the Korean Voiceovers as originally intended, then why not check it out. To get the Lost Ark Korean Voice overs, all you need to do is head over to Steam. The Steam Store page for Lost Ark has the Korean DLC going for free. Simply install it and then head over to your game setting to enable it.

However, please be aware that the download of the game is a little buggy. If the Lost Ark client launches while the Korean voiceovers are downloading in progress, then it will break. Amazon Games is warning its players to not play the game while the voice pack is downloading. If it does break, then you need to uninstall the Lost Ark Korean voice lines pack via clicking manage DLC and option in Steam.

Once you uninstall it via that menu manager, then you can try and download the KO voice-over pack again. Keep in mind this does not fix the KO voice-over bugs that players have for the Stronghold and other small areas of the pack. Amazon Games and Smilegate will keep players posted around fixes to these at a later date. We recommend keeping an eye on the LA western Twitter account for updates on those bug fixes.

If you do opt to download the Lost Ark Korean Voice Over DLC, then it will be a 5GB download. You can always uninstall it if you wish to go back to the original game voiceovers if you wish.

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