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Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds location and purpose guide

Anyone for some Mokoko chains?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022 2:09 pm
Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds location and purpose guide

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One of the first things you will find in Lost Ark are Mokoko seeds, a type of plant collectable you can find in the game. Throughout the world, you can go ahead and find over 1000 Mokoko seeds, which will keep you busy if you like that sort of content. Below we will teach you all you need to know about Mokoko seeds.

What are Mokoko Seeds?

Mokoko seeds are a green plant that you can find on every single map in the game. They are shaped like eggplants, except green in color. The thing is, they are never hidden out of plain sight, and you can find them as you naturally path through levels, cities, and more. However, they can blend in with the game’s background for those with an untrained eye.

When you do collect Mokoko seeds, you can find that they eventually unlock rewards. To do so, you need to head to Mokoko Village, a village on Tortoyk island. The village is obsessed with them. Here you can find a trader that awards different rewards depending on the amount you have collected on your travels.

You can get some battle gear, cards as part of the collection process that builds your character, along with vanity items. this includes items in your Stonghold, all the way to Ship crew upgrades, character titles, loading screen backgrounds, and even emojis.

Lost Ark Mokoko Seed locations

Lost Ark Mokoko Seeds Locations
Seed spotted.

There are quite a lot of Mokokoo seeds scattered around Arkesia. While we could post screenshots detailing all the locations, this article may as well turn into a filesize of your pre-installed Lost Ark client. However, there is a website with rather detailed maps. There are quite a few websites that offer this. You could go to the Lost Ark Codex website, which has all the zones in the game turned into an interactable map. You can then see all the locations per region. Note, this website is in Russian, so you need Goggle Chrome to automatically translate the page for you.

Alternatively, there is a dedicated Lost Ark map website called Papunika, which has a giant Arkesia on it. Simply pick the area of the map you want to look at and it will show you all the level features. This includes Mokoko seeds, and you can toggle all of the map features on the interactable legend.

Be aware that some of these Lost Ark Mokoko seeds require cooperative play. There is one example like the fabled Mountain barrier that requires players to band together to knock down in a time-friendly manner. Otherwise, you’re going to need to return overpowered and one-shot the barrier sometime in the weeks ahead.

Either way, you have two reliable websites that will help you track down the enigmatic Lost Ark Mokoko Seed locations.

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