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What are Lost Ark Perception Shards and Disorder Crystals?

Here is a closer look at some of Lost Ark's most interesting currencies.

Updated: Feb 14, 2022 6:14 pm
What are Lost Ark Perception Shards and Disorder Crystals?

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If there is anything that Lost Ark is full of, it is currencies. There are a variety of currencies in the game, some of which are currencies that upgrade gear, create gems, skill runes, and more. However, some are more natural currencies, useful at specific vendors in the game like Amethysts, or are general usages like SIlver and Gold.

One of the Lost Ark currencies useful for Vendors is the Lost Ark Perception Shards and the Disorder Crystals. These two currencies are related to buying items that you can farm in Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons.

Whenever you visit a Chaos Dungeon location at any end game city, you will come across a Chaos Dungeon vendor. Here, the Chaos Dungeon vendors will allow you to trade your Lost Ark Perception Shards and your Lost Ark Disorder Crystals.

Typically the Lost Ark Perception Shards will allow you to buy items like the Harmony Leapstone, which is a currency you can use for Honing your gear. You can also buy Harmony Shard pouches, containing 1500 Harmony Shads. You can also buy the Destruction and Guardians Stones, which drop inside Chaos Dungeons, and even World Bosses. Lastly, Lost Ark’s Perception Shards will get you an engraving recipe pouch.

On the other hand, the Lost Ark Discorder Crystal can get you decent gear. The Lost Ark disorder crystals can net you Tier 1 are quality pieces of loot, like rings, earrings and necklaces. Meanwhile,m it can buy you T1 epic and unique version of these pieces of gear. Noe, you can get these pieces of gear from world bosses like the Chaotic Chao for example, or get them from random drops inside Chaos Dungeons. The below image is an example of what items you can get from these vendors.

Lost Ark Perception Shards Disoder Crystal vendors
Your Lost Ark Disorder Crystals can get you this bad boy for your T1 progression.

All in all, think of these currencies as bad luck prevention solutions if you can’t get them from Chaos Dungeons or World Bosses. Alternatively, they are decent cath up mechanics if you need to upgrade your gear or get some engravings early on. If you liked this Lost Ark Perception Shards and Lost Ark Disorder Crystals guide, why not check out our Lost Ark hub filled with guides to help you along the way.

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