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The Lost Ark Turtle mount is easy to get – here’s how

Get your own shelly with this Lost Ark turtle mount guide

Updated: Feb 21, 2022 11:16 am
The Lost Ark Turtle mount is easy to get – here’s how

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Lost Ark has quite a few collectables you can go out and get, with things like Island Tokens, Mokoko seeds, pets and mounts. Mount are always a fan favourite amongst the collectable crowd, allowing players to show off their achievements and activities in style. One of the earliest mounts you can get in Lost Ark is the turtle mount. Here is a Lost Ark turtle mount guide to getting your own shelly if you want to ride in style.

How to get the Lost Ark turtle mount

So, you want the Lost Ark turtle mount, do you? Well, the first thing you want to do is go to Turtle Island. You can find it between Anikka and Pleccia. When you arrive, you need to be level 50; otherwise, you will not find the purple quest, ‘The turtle and the boy’.

This is a very long quest chain that will have you gliding around islands. When you arrive on the island, a turtle is standing at the end of the dock. Speak to the turtle, and he will give you ‘The turtle and the boy’ quest. If you’ve already completed the early portion of the main story quest and unlocked the end game content this is pretty simple. However, if you’ve not finished, then it may take a short while to complete.

Once you’re done with the quest chain you’re going to need to grab yourself a Jeweled Coral. You get this item from the Turtle Island quest that rewards the Turtle Island Island token. It’s fairly straightforward, but we have a guide on the Jewelled Coral too

There are three turtle mounts on sale: the Green Moss, Yellow Moss, and Azure Moss turtles. When you have completed both quest chains, you can speak to a Luxury Goods Vendor in any major settlement. For example, there is one in Prideholm, but most can find one in Stern, Vern Luterra etc. You can only get one of the three as you need more Jeweled Corals. Sadly, since this is a roster quest, you cannot do this quest on an another level 50 alt and get the second or third jewel corals, so pick wisely.

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