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Lost Ark Valtan Legion Raid Phase 1 (Normal & Hard) Guide

Arm yourself with the knowledge needed to take down Legion Commander Valtan’s servants in Phase 1!

Updated: May 24, 2022 1:55 pm
Lost Ark Valtan Legion Raid Phase 1 (Normal & Hard) Guide

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Have you been blasting your way through Lost Ark’s numerous dungeons and raids? Seeking out the most challenging content available? Then the most exciting part of the May update has to be the release of the Valtan Legion Raid! However, taking down this Legion Commander will be no easy feat. In fact, you will have to start by taking down his pets first. That is where we come in! This guide will break down all of the mechanics, tactics and tips you need to know going into Phase 1.

The Valtan Legion Raid requires a party of eight players to participate. Everyone in the party must be item level 1415 to enter on normal difficulty and item level 1440 to enter on hard difficulty. You can use the “find party” or “matchmaking” features in order to quickly group up. The differences between normal and hard difficulty are the bosses’ health pools and the amount of damage they deal.

Leader Lugaru & Destroyer Lucas major mechanics, tips and tricks

Set up

  • Battle Items – As usual, you will want to have health potions available for this one. You will also want to bring along whirlwind grenades as there are a few stagger mechanics in this fight. You may also want to bring panaceas and time stop potions in order to avoid some of the high damage mechanics that will be thrown at you. Purify runes are also great for this fight as Leader Lugaru’s attacks will apply a bleed stack.
  • Positioning – Before beginning the fight, you will want to assign your party members positions in a circle from one to eight. You will need to have the players with the highest stagger abilities and whirlwind grenades in the first two positions. It will become clear why you need to do this when we talk about the Orbs and Stagger mechanic below.


  • Dark Mountain Predator (until 45 health bars) – At the beginning of the fight you will be faced with the Dark Mountain Predator. You simply need to deal damage to the Dark Mountain Predator until he reaches 45 health bars, at this point, he will split into Leader Lugaru and Destroyer Lucas.
  • Leader Lugaru’s Bleed – After the split, Destroyer Lucas will leave the arena for some time. You will be facing Leader Lugaru, whose attacks apply a bleed stack. At three stacks of bleed, a large slash attack will be released from the player with the stacks. Try to cleanse the stacks before reaching three if possible. This can be done using panaceas, purify runes or with the help of a support class like a paladin.
  • Keep them apart – Once Destroyer Lucas returns to the arena (usually around 38 health bars remaining), a player will be targeted by each of Lucas and Lugaru. The targeted players are indicated by a coloured target symbol above their head, either blue or red to represent each wolf. These players should move to opposite ends of the arena to separate the two wolves, this means they do not receive a defence buff for fighting close to one another. At this point, other players in the party will randomly receive a golden buff allowing them to deal more damage to the wolf that returned to the arena. Your character will be glowing if you have this buff so make sure to pay attention.
  • Orbs and Stagger (at 30 health bars) – Leader Lugaru roars and energy around the arena begins surging towards him. You want to move to the positions you set up earlier at this point. Then, eight orbs will appear in a circle around Lugaru. The orb closest to you will begin to follow you and you need to collect these orbs in sequence. It can be quite hard to see when the previous orb has been collected, so an easier way to tell is by looking at how many of the purple orb stacks are under Lugaru’s health bar. The reason for positioning high stagger members of the party at one and two in the order is that once you have collected your orb you will need to pass a stagger check on Lugaru. If the stagger check is successful and you have yet to take your orb, simply keep running from it and it will soon despawn.
  • Destroyer Lucas’ Area of Effect Attacks – After the previous ability, Destroyer Lucas will take Lugaru’s place. Lucas has a lot of area of effect attacks in his kit, generally, a good way to avoid taking too much damage is to move away from the attacks you see Lucas throw onto the ground rather than toward players. Time stop potions are really useful here if you are having trouble avoiding the damage.
  • Keep them apart (again) – Usually around 22 health bars remaining, Leader Lugaru will re-join the fight. The same mechanics apply as last time, two players will be marked, these marked players need to separate the wolves to avoid the defence buff. Golden marked players again want to attack the returning wolf.
  • Orbs and Stagger (at 15 health bars) – This time, Destroyer Lucas will let out a roar and energy will begin surging around him. This ability requires the same mechanics as last time, simply collect your orbs in order and pass the stagger check.
  • Dark Mountain Predator Phase 2 – Once you have successfully passed the second Orb and Stagger ability, the two wolves will fuse once more into the Dark Mountain Predator. Once he is below 10 health bars, the Dark Mountain Predator will repeatedly use an instant kill stagger check ability. Dark Mountain Predator will teleport behind the furthest player from him and fear them, this will initiate a stagger check. If you are the feared player, you should ping your location so your team can find you and stagger Dark Mountain Predator. If your party fail the check, the feared player will die.

That concludes this Lost Ark Valtan Legion Raid Phase 1 Guide. We hope you found it useful! Why not check out some of our other awesome content at the Lost Ark Hub?

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