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Lost Ark Velganos Guardian Raid Guide

Need some help with Lost Ark’s Velganos Guardian Raid? We have the tactics, tips and tricks covered here

Updated: May 31, 2022 12:23 pm
Lost Ark Velganos Guardian Raid Guide

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Velganos is, at the time of writing, probably Lost Ark’s most difficult Guardian Raid, which would make sense as he is also the final Guardian in Raid Level 5, and was the final Guardian Raid available at Lost Ark’s Western launch. Anyone attempting to take on Velganos must have reached item level 1385 and completed all of the previous Guardian Raids including Night Fox Yoho.

You can take on Guardian Raids alone or with up to three other players. For Velganos, we recommend a max party size of two as the fight is scaled based on the number of participants anyway. Damage-based classes should have an easier time attempting Velganos solo or with one support player. Likewise, if you are a support class you will probably want to find a damage-based player to enter with. This is because of the Power of Light and Power of Darkness mechanics we cover below. You can use the “find party” feature to make or join specific parties and we highly recommend using this to find a good fit for this Raid.

Lost Ark Velganos Guardian Raid Mechanics and Tactics

Firstly, some general tips to help you out with his Guardian Raid.

  • Battle Items – As with any Guardian Raid you should bring health potions and flares along for this one. The map for this Raid is very large, using a flare to locate Velganos straight away will save you time. Pheromone bombs are also great for keeping Velganos in one spot, again due to the large map size, using one when he tries to run away will save you a lot of time. You will almost definitely need whirlwind grenades for this one as Velganos has a couple of big stagger checks, and you are likely running a smaller party size.
  • Power of Light – Velganos roars and blue smoke appears underneath him. When he does this everyone in the party will do reduced damage. The way to counteract this is to collect three Light buffs by walking into golden rings that appear around the arena. The Light buff can stack up to five times but the fourth and fifth only increase movement speed. No matter how many players are in the party, Velganos will only spawn three golden rings of Light, this is why we recommend only having two players. The damage player can collect the buff, whilst the support does not need to collect it.
  • Power of Darkness – Some of Velganos’ attacks will apply a Darkness debuff. This debuff increases the amount of damage players will take from Velganos’ attacks. An interesting thing to note is that the Power of Light and Darkness counteract one another. Therefore, every time you receive a Darkness stack it removes a Light stack and vice versa.
  • Velganos is weak to Holy damage

Velganos Abilities

  • Stagger Check – Velganos begins to glow golden and starts walking slowly in a circle. Golden lights then descend from above and a rune circle begins to appear on the ground below Velganos. This is a stagger check with a slight delay on the animation. If you are confident you can pass the stagger check, you should hold your whirlwind grenades and stagger abilities until the rune circle begins to form, as your stagger damage will not count until this point. If you think you will not be able to pass the stagger check, you should run far away from Velganos as he will release a devastating area of effect attack that will kill most players. If you do manage to pass the stagger check, Velganos will spawn three more power of light rings that can be collected.
  • Targeted Bite – Velganos spawns a golden ring in front of him with an orb floating above it. Every player in the party will then have a golden mark appear above their head. At this point, the whole party should move close to the golden ring. After a few seconds, one of the golden marks will turn black. Whichever party member’s mark turns black needs to immediately move into the ring. Velganos will then bite this player, throwing them into the air but dealing no damage. Successfully passing this ability will stagger Velganos for a short while. Failing this ability will cause a party wipe.
  • Short Charge – Velganos lowers his body down and a golden glow surrounds him before he charges forwards in a straight line for a short distance. When you see Velganos glow, make sure to avoid being in front of him.
  • Long Charge – Like the last ability, only this time, Velganos will phase out and become invisible briefly instead of dashing immediately after beginning to glow. When Velganos reappears, he will charge a long distance in a straight line toward a member of the party. When you see Velganos reappear, check who he is facing and get out of the way, or if he is facing you, make sure to dodge out of the line.
  • Slow and Fast Area of Effect Circles – These abilities can be quite hard to tell apart. When Velganos uses these abilities, light blue area of effect indicators will appear on the ground surrounding him. These circles deal no damage to pass through, but if you are in the area when they explode you will take damage and receive a power of darkness stack. If the area of effect indicator is not solid blue and instead has dark smoke inside, this indicates it will be a fast attack, rather than slow. In the later stages of the fight, this ability is also the only time Velganos spawns any more power of light buff rings.
  • Slam and Cross Pattern – Velganos is surrounded by a golden ring before leaping high into the air. Another golden ring begins to form as Velganos comes back down, indicating the danger area. Immediately after the slam, a large golden cross will appear on the floor below Velganos, this cross indicates a follow-up attack so make sure to wait for the cross attack before going back in.
  • Triple Area of Effect Stomp – Velganos glows golden and does a backflip. After the flip, Velganos will unleash three large, high damage area of effect stomp attacks. When you see the flip make sure to get away from Velganos and keep your distance until all three attacks have passed.
  • Dark and Light Orb Attack – Velganos jumps in place and four dark orbs begin to form, one by each of his legs. After a few seconds, these orbs fly away from Velganos diagonally. If you get hit, you will take some damage and receive a power of darkness stack. Very quickly after the dark orbs fly away, six golden orbs will fly from Velganos’ front and back. These golden orbs deal damage and do not give a stack of power of light. When you see Velganos hop and the dark orbs beginning to form, you should move to his side for a good window to deal damage.
  • Breath Attack – Velganos again jumps in place. This time he will be glowing blue as this is an ability that can be countered. Velganos then breathes a large wave of damaging darkness in front of him. We highly recommend avoiding trying to counter this ability. If you are caught by the attack, you will receive one power of darkness stack, and will most likely die as this ability hits extremely hard.
  • Light and Dark Area of Effect Attack (Only in Phase 3) – When Velganos reaches phase three, he will begin to glow red. At some point in this phase, potentially a few times, Velganos uses a large area of effect cone attack. A large dark circle appears around Velganos, this is divided into four cones. When Velganos is about to use the attack, the wind will swirl around him either clockwise or counter-clockwise, this direction determines which way you will need to run around Velganos to successfully pass this ability. This attack always starts from Velganos’ tail, so you will want to have everyone stand there when it begins. Then, simply run in the direction indicated by the swirling wind. Successfully passing this ability is the only way to maintain your power of light stacks at this stage of the fight.

That concludes this Lost Ark Velganos Guardian Raid Guide. We hope you found it useful! If you did, why not check out our Lost Ark hub for more great content?

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