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Lost Ark roadmap gets pulled, updated LA roadmap to release shortly

We have an idea what we could expect thanks to a recent Lost Ark roadmap 'leak'

Updated: Mar 10, 2022 9:46 am
Lost Ark Roadmap Leak

Update: The Lost Ark Roadmap for March seems to be somewhat correct. Amazon Games unveiled the Lost Ark patch notes for March, detailing the launch of the Lost Ark Abyss Raids and more. However, the information for April and May is not yet known.

Amazon Game’s main Community Manager, Roxx, has shared an update regarding the recent Lost Ark roadmap leak. It appears that the recent roadmap ‘leak’ was pulled, with the apparent reason being that Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG are actively working on revamping it.

Sometime during March 7, the supposed Lost Ark roadmap for the next three months leaked. The key details included new story content, the Argos Raid, and the first PvP season in March. Most of that was already well known amongst the community at large, but many were surprised at the original plans for April and May. In April, the original Lost Ark roadmap was looking at the Destroyer class, along with the first legion raid, a new guardian raid and the Vern South region. In May, Players could get their hands on the Arcanist, and more Legion and Guardian Raid content., along with the Thronespire. Some thought it was okay, while others not so much.

However, it appears that the LA Community Managers have spoken that the Lost Ark leaked roadmap is getting amended. Roxx posted a message on the Lost Ark forums, along with an official post for those who prefer to use Twitter.

It seems to be the new Lost Ark Roadmap that will take a look at actual player progression, and perhaps take another look at the popular classes. From WePC’s perspective, it appears Scouter and Lance Master, and possibly Summoner are the most appealing classes for players. Perhaps the class release cycle will change as Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG take another look at what at how players are currently progressing, along with the desires of its player base. There are certainly many Lost Ark classes yet to release and no doubt everyone has different opinions on what they want first.

If there are any updates to this story, we will be sure to reference them in the article. But for now, it appears it is a waiting game as to when the updated Lost Ark roadmap will release.

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