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Lost Ark Sol Grande World Boss Guide: Location, Loot & Tactics

We guide you through the Lost Ark Sol Grande world boss fight.

Updated: Mar 8, 2022 4:44 pm
Lost Ark Sol Grande World Boss Guide: Location, Loot & Tactics

Lost Ark has quite a few end game world bosses for you to get stuck into. While they are not mandatory pieces of content, they do offer players a variety of extra loot sources, engraving books, and other valuable pieces of progression. One of these is the Lost Ark Sol Grande boss, which is a perfect option for players looking to grab some extra goodies during their T2 progression.

Lost Ark Sol Grande Guide

The purpose of this Lost Ark Sol Grande guide is to help you progress through T2 content. We will highlight Sol Grande’s location, and you’ll get a look at the Sol Grande loot that can drop, letting you know if the fight is worth your time. We will also offer you a list of Sol Grande mechanics worth noting so you can avoid sinking your silver on repairs.

It is also worth mentioning the fight requires the player to have 1040 item level. If you do not have this item level, then you cannot hit the boss. You need to land your skills against the target; otherwise, you cannot get the kill credit towards the fight. Bookmark us and come back later if you do not have the required item level to participate.

Lost Ark Sol Grande Location

Lost Ark Sol Grande is a T2 world boss that spawns on the island of Alteisen. It is a tiny island in the bottom right of the Arthertine sea. We have proved a picture to help you track the Sol Grande location.

Lost Ark Sol Grande location
Sol Grande can be found on the island marked with the red circle.

To access the world boss, however, you need to wait for the event for the world boss to spawn. The boss is locked behind event spawns. If you head over to the Lost Ark calendar in the top left of the screen, you can click on it, select the date, click the field boss tab and take a look at the world boss spawn times. Make your way over to Sol Grande at the appropriate time and fight the boss.

Sol Grande Tactics

Lost Ark Sol Grande
Sol Grande has a few skills to watch out for.

The Lost Ark Sol Grande tactics don’t really show anything special. It is rather bland for a world boss, meaning if you have fought any world boss in Lost Ark, then you’ll more than likely have an idea of what to expect. However, this boss can hit rather hard, so here are some tactics to pay attention to.

  • Air Strike – This is the most crucial skill to watch for. The boss will repeatedly start spinning around in circles. The boss will send forth waves of missiles down to the ground during this time. You need to stay on your toes to avoid as much damage as possible. The safest spot appears to be under the boss’s blue spinning energy arms.
  • Ground and Pound – The boss will repeatedly hit its big robot hands into the ground. Anyone in melee range directly opposite the boss will get hit several times. Roll when the boss postures forward on its left foot and look like it is about to strike if you’re at its front. This is also an ideal time to get your back attacks in.
  • Charge – The boss has one standard charge mechanic. Dodge the red rectangle skill shot on the floor, and you won’t collide with the boss.
  • Sideways Slam – The boss will raise both hands to its side and then slam down. Avoid the red circles as that highlights the impact areas. These circles also blow up so you take two sets of damage. You can tell the skill is coming when the boss pulls two daggers out and holds one in each hand.
  • Bomb Throw – The boss will select a target and throw a bomb at them. Any stacked players will need to move from where the bomb is heading to by simply rolling away.
  • Whirlwind – The boss ‘T poses’ on you, spinning his arms around in a 360 degrees several times. Dodge it as it is considered a melee range 360 degree attack.

Sol Grande Loot

One of the reasons you’re going to want to do this World Boss is simply because it offers extra ways to get honing resources and gear. You can only get gear so many times a day or week via the Abyss Dungeons, Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons grinds. So, if you want more ways of getting items, then talking part with appropriate world bosses like Sol Grande is a great idea. You can expect decent legendary quality items that offer you solid boosts to your gear.

Also, Sol Grande provides the player with decent ways to get their engravings levelled up to different qualities.

Alteisen Island SoulThe island token is associated with the event spawn island.
Secret MapA secret map that leads to the Adventure: The Hestia quest that leads you somewhere to the Vast Sea.Starts an adventure quest regarding the shipwreck on the coral reef linked to Bloodclaw the Great Pirate.
Corrupted Light NecklaceLegendary T2 Necklace.3057 primary class stat and 1310 Vitality along with two random combat stats and three random engravings.
Corrupted Light EarringsLegendary T2 Earring.2378 primary stat and 936 Vitality. Players can get one random combat stat along with three random engraving effects on the item.
Corrupted Light RingLegendary T2 Ring.2208 in your class’ primary stat along with 749 Vitality. You can get one random combat stat and three random engravings on the item.
Corrupted Shadow EarringsLegendary T2 Earring.Gain 2378 primary stat for your class and 936 Vitality. Gain a further random combat stat and three random engravings per drop.
Corrupted Shadow RingLegendary T2 Ring.Bag yourself a 2208 primary stat ring worth 749 Vitality. Gain one random combat state effect and three random engravings per drop.
Level 1 Azure GemUncommon Tier 2 gem that provides one random gem effect.
Level 1 Farsae GemUncommon Tier 2 time that provides one random gem effect.
Destruction StoneProvides a red Tier 2 Honing item that you can use to improve your weapon’s upgrade level.
Guardian StoneProvides a Tier 2 blue honing reagent you can use to hone your armor.
Moon’s Breath (bound)A honing reagent that successfully increases the honing’s success chance.
Relic Ability StoneObtain a legendary T2 ability stone that matches your item level.Go to an ability stone cutter to unlock engraving nodes this item randomly generates upon pickup.
BleedYour skill has a chance to inflict bleed on the target(s) for five seconds.
Sol Grande (card)Has a chance to drop the Sol Grande card for your deck collection collectable progression.
Battle Engraving Recipe (Rare)Obtain a rare battle engraving recipe.
Battle Engraving Recipe (Epic)Obtain an epic battle engraving recipe.
XP CardUse to obtain experience for your character – useful for grinding to 60 on a character.

This concludes this Lost Ark Sol Grande guide. If you enjoyed this guide, why not check out the WePC Lost Ark hub and see what other guides can help you out on your grind to the top tier of content?

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