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Lost Ark Gamers, Steam Link is your friend

How to use Steam Link to queue for Lost Ark

Updated: Nov 10, 2022 11:50 am
Lost Ark Gamers, Steam Link is your friend

I am writing this as I queue for Calvasas, earlier today I almost got onto the server but instead was presented with the now infamous error code 10027 that Lost Ark games around the world will begin to experience. So, unlike one of my colleagues who decided to leave his queue open whilst it went off and did some real-world shopping, I decided to download Steam Link, log in via my phone, and queue for the server. OK, it’s not a solution to getting into a Lost Ark server any faster than normal (sorry) but it is a solution to being able to do anything other than staring at a lobby as I wait to play a game I’ve been patiently waiting for, for several weeks.

It’s incredibly simple, download the app ‘Steam Link’ on either Android or iOS and then log in and pair it with the PC that is logged into your Steam account. You can read more about how you can use Steam Link right here on Steam’s official page.

So far, I’ve been queuing for 4 hours, not including the 2-hour queue I had this morning before the error appeared.

I hope this helps a few Lost Ark gamers, just think if you are about to leave school or work and you want to play Lost Ark when you get home, you can log in via Steam Link, join the queue, and by the next day you might finally be in a server. Good luck everyone!

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