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Lost Ark Wardancer Guide: Builds, Skills, Engravings

A Guide on the Beginner friendly Wardancer class.

Updated: Feb 18, 2022 3:28 pm
Lost Ark Wardancer Guide: Builds, Skills, Engravings

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Lost Ark is finally out for Western audiences, and with it comes all the challenges and trials of any expansive MMORPG. Whether it’s trekking through endless forest, deserts or the space in-between landmarks. Or maybe it’s going on a Dungeon dive or trying to beat that one Boss for the nth time? There are so many ways to play MMORPGS and Lost Ark is no different.

In Lost Ark, players can play an assortment of different classes. Each with their own benefits and ways to play. Whilst some are ranged, magical, pure dps or tanks, there is no doubt that there’ll be a class for everyone. The Wardancer is a specific martial artist class that relies on hand-to-hand combat and combines fast damage dealing with elemental magic. It’s one of the martials classes with a large variety of strikes and skulls, so if you’re looking for a diverse martial arts class, Wardancer has you covered. With Wardancer you get the pleasure of using magic whilst also being up close and personal with your enemies.

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Beginner Friendly

The Wardancer class is straightforward and as such, makes a perfect beginners class. As a Wardancer, your identity is a gauge made up of three Elemental Orbs (Four if you have the Esoteric Skill Enhancement). The various Wardancer skills will fill up the gauge, to a maximum amount of Elemental Orbs you have available. You can also use Esoteric Skills, stronger skills that will consume your Elemental Orbs to launch more powerful attacks.

Best Wardancer builds in Lost Ark

Like the majority of other classes, you can focus on one of two builds which are determined by your Class Engravings.

First Intention Build

If you choose to go down the First Intention Build you’ll find that you’ll only use Normal Skills. The First Intention Engraving disables your ability to gain Elemental Orbs, instead it gives you a global increase in damage. As such, you won’t be able to use Esoteric Skills, since you won’t be able to spend Elemental Orbs.

So why should you pick First Intention?

  • First Intention is simpler, but doesn’t sacrifice attack speed or damage. You don’t need to spend much time resources managing, and instead can focus on just hitting as much as possible.
  • Swiftness and Crit will be your focused and desired stats. Try to aim for around 60/40 Swiftness/Crit split. You can afford to focus less on Crit thanks to your Synergy buffs with Wind’s Whisper and Roar of Coirage which will provide the party with Crit chance. But if you want more crit, by all means.

First Intention Engravings

  • First Intention
  • Grudge
  • Keen Blunt
  • Adrenaline
  • Raid Captain

Esoteric Skill Enhancement Build

With the Esoteric Skill Enhancement Build, you’ll be focusing on normal skills to generate your Elemental Orbs, which will then be used for the hard-hitting Esoteric skills. The Esoteric Skills Enhancement allows you to have an additional Elemental Orb and gives a damage buff to the Esoteric Skills per Elemental Orb you have.

This build does tend to hit harder than the First Intention, since it grants more damage to your skills per Orb you have. Keep the Esoteric Skill Enhancement Engraving at level 1, as the Engraving gains the majority of its strength at level 1.

Esoteric Skill Enhancement Engravings

  • Esoteric Skill Enhancement
  • Grudge
  • Raid Captain
  • Adrenaline
  • Keen Blunt

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