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Madden 23: How to slide

Updated: Aug 22, 2022 5:25 pm
Madden 23 Joe Burrow

There’s lots to learn in Madden 23. From improving your offense or defense, there’s plenty of useful tips that can go a long way when playing the new game.

With Madden 23 out since last Friday (August 19th), it doesn’t hurt to scope out some of those tricks before jumping headfirst into Madden 23.

The first tip we will cover is ‘how to slide’. When using your quarterback, whether he’s fast or not, running is a common way to get down field should all of your receivers be covered and the defensive pressure mounting.

With that in mind, one realistic component Madden has incorporated into the game, is injuries. If you refuse to slide or don’t know how to with your quarterback and sustain a crushing hit from a defender in the process, your quarterback can sustain a brutal injury that can knock him out for at least one game.

Because quarterbacks aren’t usually the most athletic players on the field, the likelihood of them suffering injuries can be higher.

Due to how valuable the quarterback position is, sliding is very crucial to practice if you opt out of throwing the ball away or running out of bounds.

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Here’s how to slide in Madden 23

PlayStation: Tap the square button

Xbox: Tap the X button

PC: Tap Q

Additional Info: Note, you can only slide when sprinting and it can only be done once you pass the line of scrimmage. It’s important to be protective of your quarterback, considering how drastically different your offense will function without your starter.

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