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Medaka locations Genshin Impact

How to lure and where to find all the Medaka fish you’ll ever need!

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Since fishing was introduced to Genshin Impact as part of the 2.1 update, the blood sport has exploded in popularity and players can be found traversing the land looking for quiet fishing locations. Thankfully, Medaka are one of the easiest fish to catch in Genshin Impact (easier to find than Golden and Rusty Koi), and can be located across the known world, from north to south and east to west. That said, as easy as they are to catch, Medaka fish do need to be collected in large numbers. Many fishing rods need 20 Medaka, for example, while some bait requires three Medaka to craft. In order to have Pool of Sapphire Grace accessible via your Serenitea Pot, you’ll need a spare ten Medaka flapping around inside your inventory. Thankfully, we have all the Medaka locations Genshin Impact you could ever hope to find.

Medaka Locations Genshin Impact

  • At the base of the Stormbearer Mountains, directly north of Starfell Lake.
  • North and south of the Brightcown Mountains.
  • South of Mondstatd.
  • A third of the way along the river from Windrise before it opens out on the Falcon Coast
  • A small lake on Dragonspine, close to Entombed City – Outskirts.
  • Across the water, east of Wuwang Hill.
  • North of Mt. Aocang.
  • The lake between Mt. Hulao and Qingyun Peak
  • Tianqiu Valley, by the water’s edge. 
  • North side of Nazuchi Beach.
  • North of Watatsumi Island.
  • The southern tip of the island where For Hiraumi is stationed.


Check out the official Teyvay Interactive Map to see all the Medaka Locations Genshin Impact for yourself.

medaki location genshin impact 2.

Crafting Medaka Bait

Before you head out with your trusty rod, however, be aware that you will need Fruit Paste Bait in order to lure the Medaka to your hook. You will unlock the crafting formula during the fishing tutorial, specifically after completing the Exploding Population World Quest. To make 10 units of Fruit Paste Bait you will need one unit of Wheat and one unit of Sunsetta. Mix to a good consistency and, voila, Medaka will come streaming to your sturdy rod like bees to honey. Very wet bees to very watery honey, obviously.

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