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How To Get Golems in Minecraft Legends

Updated: Apr 25, 2023 5:09 pm
How To Get Golems in Minecraft Legends

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Golems are an essential mob and a strong addition to have on your team, its important to know how to get Golems in Minecraft. As like many other games in the real-time strategy genre, Minecraft Legends shines in large part due to the numerous options it gives players when choosing their playstyle. The goal of the game is to efficiently deploy different mobs in battle, with each of these playing a unique role in inching you closer to victory. To this end, no type of mob spawn is more important than the Golem in Minecraft Legends.

All Types of Golems in Minecraft Legends

Given the vast range of mobs you can choose from in Minecraft Legends, it’s no surprise that there are loads of different Golems for you to deploy. These can be classified into 2 categories: Basic Golems and The First Golems.

Basic Golems

Basic Golems are fairly easy to obtain and work much like any other mob unit in the game. They serve their specific purposes and don’t require too much effort from the player to spawn and send to battle.

First Golems

On the other hand, the First Golems play a crucial role in Minecraft Legends, offering exceptional tactical benefits as part of the game’s various mob units. Although they aren’t equipped to confront piglin hordes independently, these Golems greatly enhance a standard mob army’s performance. Given that each First Golem occupies a single unit slot in your Banner, it’s wise to integrate them into your forces.

How To Get Golems In Minecraft Legends 

With Basic Golems and The First Golems having a world of difference in their effectiveness in combat, they naturally have different requirements for unlocking.

How To Get Basic Golems

Luckily, unlock conditions for the Basic Golems are quite straightforward.

  • Cobblestone Golem: Available at the start of the game
  • Plank Golem: Available at the start of the game
  • Grindstone Golem: Progress in the story
  • Mossy Golem: Progress in the story

How To Get The First Golems

To utilize any of the First Golems in battle, you must first complete certain conditions. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Acquire the “Wake the Firsts” improvement at the Well of Fate for 100 Stone and 100 Prismarine, enabling you to awaken First Golems.
  • Locate the First Golems in the Overworld by watching for question mark symbols on your compass and map. These symbols may also indicate Power Towers but often lead to First Golems.
  • Awaken a discovered First Golem with 100 Gold and additional Minecraft Legends resources like Wood or Stone, making it available for command via your Banner.

Remember, if a First Golem dies or can’t stay with you, it will respawn at the next Village or Wellhouse you visit or reappear when you fast travel to the Well of Fate.

How To Use Golems In Minecraft Legends

As a strategy game, Minecraft Legends ensure that no one Golem is better than the other and that all of them play their own role in complimenting your playstyle and leading you to victory. The following are some of each Golem’s uses in the game:

  • Cobblestone Golem: Creates chaos on Piglin structures and can also inflict damage in battle
  • Plank Golem: Delivers close-range damage but needs protection due to fragility
  • Grindstone Golem: Defends Plank Golem, stuns foes, and supports damage dealing
  • Mossy Golem: Clears mob status issues and restores health
  • First of Brick: Gives damage-reducing shields to nearby allies for increased endurance
  • First of Oak: Acts as mobile artillery, dealing significant long-range damage to Piglin infantry, including elite and boss units
  • First of Stone: Throws massive boulders, causing extreme damage to Piglin structures—ideal for raiding fortified bases
  • First of Diorite: Doesn’t fight directly but spawns various friendly mobs to compensate for battle losses

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