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Full List of Voice Actors In Minecraft Legends

Updated: Apr 25, 2023 3:32 pm
Full List of Voice Actors In Minecraft Legends

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Minecraft Legends is Mojang’s latest spinoff of the popular IP, one that takes players on a real-time action strategy rollercoaster. Though the game has only been out a few weeks, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to call this their most immersive project yet, captivating players with the iconic blocky landscapes they’re used to seeing from Minecraft. Another critical aspect of the immersion is its lineup of skilled and experienced voice actors for the central characters.  

Who Is the Voice of Knowledge in Minecraft Legends

Elroy Powell, a voice actor celebrated for his wide-ranging vocal talents, has significantly impacted the gaming world. His distinctive voice and remarkable range have enabled him to bring a diverse set of characters to life, enhancing the gaming experience for players. 

Notably, he was honoured with the prestigious “Best Male Voice Acting in Gaming” award as a testament to his exceptional abilities. This accolade was presented to him for his outstanding portrayal of the character Jack Matt in the critically acclaimed game Dying Light 2. This has helped him gain some well-deserved recognition within the industry.

Who Is the Voice of Foresight in Minecraft Legends

Within the diverse ensemble of voice actors featured in Minecraft Legends, Pamela Nomvete is a relatively fresh talent in the field of videogame voice acting. However, this does not imply that she is a rookie, as her experience comes mostly from television projects.

She has demonstrated her remarkable acting abilities through appearances in the intense drama Gangs of London, the captivating series Andor, the heartfelt comedy In the Long Run, and the thrilling mystery Flesh and Blood. All of this enables Nomvete to provide a unique output to the Minecraft Legends voice cast, further enriching the gaming experience for players. 

Who Is the Voice of Action in Minecraft Legends

Scarlet Grace is a talented voice actress and the voice behind Action in Minecraft Legends. She, too,  boasts an intriguing and varied background in the entertainment industry. Beyond her contributions to the gaming realm, she has showcased her skills in film and television projects, allowing her to hone her craft and establish herself as a versatile performer.

One of Grace’s notable appearances was in the popular and heartwarming film Paddington 2, where she brought her unique charm and warmth to the screen. In addition to her cinematic contributions, Scarlet Grace has also lent her talents to the world of themed attractions. Notably, she portrayed the iconic character Hermione in Harry Potter: Magical Movie Moments, an immersive experience in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

This diverse background in various entertainment mediums has allowed Scarlet Grace to develop a rich and versatile skillset as a voice actress, one that she utilizes fully in her role as Action in Minecraft Legends.

Complete List of Voice Actors in Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends’ voice acting team is more than just these stars; it features a lineup of passionate actors who contribute to bringing the game to life. The following is a list of all the major characters and their English voice actors:

Character NameEnglish VA
KnowledgeElroy Powell
ForesightPamela Nomvete
ActionScarlet Grace
The Great HogBrock Powell
Lava Launcher/The SeerCristina Vee
Blaze Runt/Mace RuntDino Andrade
The Devourer/SporebackErin Rubin
The Beast/Pigmadillo/SeekerKellen Goff
The Unbreakable/Portal GuardRick Zieff

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