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All Minecraft flowers and how to get them

Here’s how to find all 14 flowers in Minecraft.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 12:34 pm
Minecraft Flowers

Flowers generate naturally all over the Minecraft world on dirt and grass blocks and are most commonly used for decoration and for extracting dyes. Certain flowers, such as the Wither Rose, can even keep mobs away. Players will find flowers all over the Minecraft world, but each type of flower is most commonly found in a certain biome.

List of all Minecraft flowers and where to find them

All flowers can be obtained by breaking them and picking them up, with or without a tool. 

#1 Dandelion

This common yellow flower is found in Plains, Forest, Mountains, and Meadow biomes. In the Bedrock edition, they can be created with a Bone meal.

#2 Poppy

Poppies are equally common as Dandelions. These red flowers are found in Plains, Forest, Mountains, and Meadow biomes. Just like Dandelions, they can be created with a Bone meal in the Bedrock version. 

#3 Blue Orchid

These flowers are found in the Swamp biomes.

#4 Allium

Allium flowers are magenta and are found in flower forests, mountain, and meadow biomes. 

#5 Azure Bluet

These grey flowers are found in plains, flower forests, mountains, and meadow biomes. 

#6 Tulips

Tulips come in a variety of colors in Minecraft. They are mostly found in plains, and flower forest biomes. 

#7 Oxeye Daisy

Oxeye Daisies are either white or grey or both. They are found in plains, flower forests, and mountain meadow biomes.

#8 Cornflowers

Players will find these dark blue flowers in the same biomes as Oxeye Daisy. The two flowers are often found near each other. This includes plains, flower forest, and mountain meadow biomes.

#9 Lily of the Valley

This white flower is only found in flower forest biomes. Apart from making white dye, this flower is a key ingredient in the Suspicious Stew potion.

#10 Wither Rose

The Wither Rose is the only flower not found in a biome through natural generation. It is dropped when the wither mob kills another mob. 

#11 Sunflower

Sunflowers are only found in Sunflower plains biomes, making it a rare biome and flower. 

#12 Lilac

You will find these lilac-colored flowers in the lush biome

#13 Rose Bush

These red flowers are found mostly in flower forest biomes, but can also be made from bone meal. 

#14 Peony

Peonies are found near Rose bushes in flower forest biomes.

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