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All you need to know about Speedrunning in Minecraft

Speedruns have gotten increasingly difficult due to Minecraft's procedural generation.

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 12:22 pm
All you need to know about Speedrunning in Minecraft

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Minecraft speedrunning is described as aiming to complete the game in the shortest amount of time feasible. Speedruns are a popular pastime for some gamers, and they may be found in a variety of games. Speedruns have gotten increasingly difficult due to Minecraft’s procedural generation.

Minecraft speed runs are quite popular, with millions of views on YouTube and other social media channels. Players can beat the speedrun world record at any time due to their competitive nature. Most of the top speed runs were completed over the last two weeks.

What are the categories of Speedrunning? 

There are two categories of speedrunning in Minecraft – Set Seed and Random Seed 

Set Seed

It would be difficult to hold a competition for the fastest completion owing to Minecraft’s randomly generated worlds, as some worlds are simpler to complete than others. Set Seed speedruns were born as a result.

Set Seed speedruns include all participants utilizing the same seed and aiming to complete it as quickly as possible. Set seeds will always have a quicker world record than random seeds since they are researched.

The World Record in Set Seed is currently held by Ontricus at 2 mins 15 seconds. 

Random Seed 

All players compete on a random seed in Random Seed speedruns. Even though players won’t know exactly where to go on the map, this will be a genuine test of their abilities.

Because of this, Random Seed runs take substantially longer to complete, and the current world record is six times longer than the current Set Seed record.

The World Record in Random Seed is currently held by TwoLetterName with a record of 12 mins 15 seconds. 

Glitchless Speedruns

Minecraft will always have glitches and problems as it is a video game. However, in speedruns, these anomalies can occasionally provide players an advantage. Glitchless speedruns were born as a result.

Certain bugs that exist or existed in Minecraft are not exploited in glitchless speedruns. For example, there used to be a bug that allowed the player to go right through the Ender Dragon without having to fight it, saving minutes from the speedrun.

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