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Minecraft Bastion Remnants – Everything you need to know

If you want to party to Pigstep, you’ll need to loot a Bastion Remnant

Updated: Apr 26, 2022 4:48 pm
Minecraft Bastion Remnants – Everything you need to know

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Minecraft’s Nether Update introduced a massive overhaul to the spooky, hellish landscape that is The Nether. And just in case Blaze and Wither Skeleton filled Fortresses weren’t enough already, new Bastion Remnants can now be found dotted around the various Nether biomes. These blackstone Nether structures hold valuable loot – but you’ll have to get past its protective Piglins to claim it for your own.

Where to Find a Bastion Remnant in Minecraft

Unfortunately, Bastion Remnants can be almost as hard to find as Nether Fortresses. And that’s because the generation of both structures works together. According to the Minecraft Wiki, on generating a world, the game will split The Nether into 368 x 368 block sections in Java Edition, and 416 x 416 block sections in Bedrock Edition. These sections are then separated by borders four chunks wide, or 64 blocks. There is then a chance for either a Nether Fortress or Bastion Remnant to spawn in each of those sections. No structure can form inside the borders. Supposedly, there is a 60% chance on Java Edition, or a 66.6% chance on Bedrock, of a Bastion forming instead of a Fortress, so they are slightly more common.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant inside
Inside a Bastion Remnant Treasure Room

What is the best biome for Minecraft Bastion Remnants?

Bastion Remnants can spawn in any Nether biome except Basalt Deltas, so try and avoid them if you’re specifically seeking a Bastion Remnant. Otherwise, there is no preference to the biomes in which the Remnant will generate, and there is no other way of finding one apart from simply trawling the Nether.

As you roam, just make sure you keep an eye out for any large amounts of Blackstone, specifically brick variants, as this will give away the location of a Bastion Remnant, even if it’s mostly buried in Netherrack.

What are the 4 types of Bastion Remnant in Minecraft?

The structure of a Bastion Remnant can vary wildly, since they’re procedurally generated – like all Minecraft structures – but are also formed around four base types; Bridge, Treasure Room, Housing Units and Hoglin Stables.


The bridge is the most spectacular Bastion Remnant structure, if you find it out in the open. Taking the form of a Piglin’s face, you’ll instantly spot this magnificent structure, if not just because of the Gold Blocks often found on the tip of its “tongue”. You can head into the remnant via the bridge – or tongue – flanked on both sides by lavafalls.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Bridge

Treasure Room

The Treasure Room Bastion Remnant Structure is the most well-made of the Bastion Remnants, presumably due to the treasures inside. There will be one tall building, in which you’ll find generic Bastion loot chests, which is connected to the Treasure Room itself by a small footbridge. The inside of the large Treasure Room features a Magma Cube spawner – the only place they can be found in Minecraft survival – as well as a large amount of Gold Blocks and a Treasure chest.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Treasure Room

Hoglin Stables

The Hoglin Stables form of the Bastion Remnant features the main block of Bastion with multiple floors of “stables” on the side, as you can see from the image below. These will feature Hoglin Stables chests, which can include such items as pork chops – cooked or raw, saddles, and leather.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Hoglin Stables

Housing Units

Finally, the Housing Units build is recognisable as multiple buildings all erected around a central courtyard, with a Nether Wart farm in the center, making this the only other place alongside Fortresses to find Nether Wart – needed for brewing.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Housing Unit
Housing Units with a Nether Wart farm in the central courtyard

What loot can you get from a Minecraft Bastion Remnant?

The loot is, of course, the main attraction behind visiting a Bastion Remnant – and more specifically, Pigstep. Pigstep is a new Music Disk introduced in the Nether Update, and is exclusive to Bastion Remnant chests. It’s also subjectively one of the best Music Disks in Minecraft thanks to its upbeat nature, which sets it apart from most of the others, which are either slow and calming, or made up of Minecraft sound effects.

Pigstep isn’t the only reason to take on the Piglin Brutes for their heavily guarded treasure. While there’s plenty of amazing chest loot, don’t forget to also pillage for Gold Blocks, Gilded Blackstone, Chains and Lanterns, all of which can be found dotted around Nether Bastions. Be careful, though, as we’ll mention later, Piglins will keep a watchful eye on you. So much as open a chest or mine Gold in front of them, and you’ll find yourself under attack.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Pigstep

Chest loot

As for the chest loot itself, there is a lot to go through, so we’ll stick to the essentials and the most valuable stuff. However, if you want to know exactly what can spawn in each type of Bastion Remnant chest, including the chance of finding it, take a look at the full list on the Minecraft wiki.

Treasure Room chest loot

The most valuable chest loot is of course going to come from the Treasure Room chests. Here, you’ll find all sorts of diamond variants, including Diamonds themselves, Diamond Armor and Diamond Swords. These can be undamaged and unenchanted, or enchanted with slight wear. If you’re lucky, you could fully kit yourself out in Diamond from looting a Bastion Remnant. But don’t forget to keep something gold on to keep those Piglins at bay (we’ll get to that).

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Treasure Room chest

Treasure Room chests might also contain an Enchanted Golden Apple and/or Ancient Debris – among the rarest items in Minecraft. Ancient Debris can be turned into Netherite Scrap, which then can be used to make your newly-looted Diamond armor even stronger. You might also find Netherite Scrap, Netherite Ingots and Blocks of Gold in your Treasure Room chests.

Other Bastion Remnant chest loot

If you’re not lucky enough to come across a Treasure Room, there is still plenty of great Bastion loot to be had. From Hoglin Stables, you could be lucky enough to find Gold Blocks, Netherite Scraps or Ancient Debris, a Diamond Shovel or even an Enchanted Diamond Pickaxe. Meanwhile, any chest you might find in a Bastion Remnant could hold Golden Apples, Golden Armor or, crucially, that Pigstep Music Disk. These chests aren’t even limited to the main Bastion Remnant rooms, either, so make sure you check hallways and stairwells, as they can lead to chests.

Bastion Remnant mobs

Finally, before you head unknowingly into a Bastion Remnant to get these valuable items, you’re going to need to know what you’ll be up against. Bation Remnants can be among the hardest structures to loot due to the sheer volume of mobs inside, including Piglins, Hoglins and Piglin Brutes.


Hoglins are the “animal” mob of the Nether, and the only food source. The beasts hit quite hard, but can be evaded by simply towering up a couple of blocks. If you have a sword with the Fire Aspect enchantment, killing Hoglins is a great way of making sure you’re never short on food in The Nether. They can be found en masse in all Bastion Remnants, but most frequently, of course, in Hoglin Stables.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Hoglins


Piglins, like Hoglins, are found all over The Nether, but are of course rampant in Bastion Remnants. This is because it’s their territory, and they fiercely guard the treasure kept within the Bastion walls. As with any other location in The Nether, Piglins will attack you instantly if you are not wearing any gold, so we recommend that you always enter The Nether wearing Golden Boots (as these are the cheapest item to craft, requiring only four Ingots.

Piglins love gold, so despite letting you roam freely if you are worthy enough of wearing the shiny metal, they will attack if you so much as look tempted by anything gilded. Mine Nether Gold Ore, Gilded Blackstone, or Gold Blocks in the eyeline of a Piglin, and you’ll be under attack before you can splutter an apology. Similarly, as mentioned earlier, open a chest in a Piglin’s line of sight, and they’ll be after you for that, too. Even if the chests and contents are yours.

“Line of sight” is the key here. The hack to easily looting a Bastion Remnant in peace is to simply build around you and the chest, empty it out, and exit. If the Piglins didn’t see you do it, essentially, no crime was committed.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Piglins

And, as they love gold, Piglins can be bartered with, in or out of a Bastion Remnant. Simply throw a Gold Ingot at them, and you’ll get a Nether-themed payment in return. We’ll discuss that in a separate guide.

Piglin Brutes

While Piglins are peaceful so long as you’re wearing gold (and behaving yourself), Piglin Brutes are not so forgiving. Piglin Brutes are a hostile Minecraft mob, meaning they will attack on sight, regardless of what you are wearing or doing. The cannot be bartered with or distracted with Gold, and must just be killed or escaped as with any other hostile Minecraft mob. However, if you attack a Piglin Brute back, any and all Piglins and Brutes nearby will become aggravated and will attack, so you could have a large, angry mob on your hands. “Mob” pun not intended.

These Piglin variants can be determined from their more ostentatious attire. While Piglins are dressed in tatty leather clothing, a Piglin Brute will be seen wearing a black top, adorned with a large gold buckle and a gold arm band – what else? Again unlike Piglins, Piglin Brutes don’t spawn elsewhere in The Nether, sticking to their lofty Bastion Remnant homes.

Minecraft Bastion Remnant Piglin Brute

Piglin Brutes only spawn on generation of a Bastion Remnant, so if you manage to kill them all and keep your own life in the process, no more will spawn, and you’ll be safe to explore.

That’s it for Minecraft’s complex Bastion Remnant structures. If you’d like to know how to easily locate a Bastion Remnant with cheats turned on, check out our guide to locating Minecraft structures with commands. Otherwise, take a browse through our other Minecraft structure guides below.

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