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Best Minecraft Christmas builds 2021 – get a little festive feeling into your block building

The weather outside is frightful, so stay in check out these incredible Minecraft Christmas builds

Updated: Dec 14, 2021 3:10 pm
Best Minecraft Christmas builds 2021 – get a little festive feeling into your block building

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The snow may look lovely, but let’s be honest, it’s pretty cold. So what better way to take in the beauty of the winter season than by staying indoors and playing with the snow in Minecraft. Even better, we’ve got some of the most inspiring Christmas Minecraft builds right here, whether you’re looking for some inspiration, or simply looking for a delightful, ready-to-play map to explore.

Best Minecraft Christmas builds

Minecraft Hogwarts build in the snow

Hogwarts Christmas minecraft build
Build by Lil-Failure — watch the video on Reddit

Perfectly timed with the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter, Lil-Failure has created this magnificent Hogwarts replica in Minecraft, complete with a gorgeous Christmas theme. What makes this build even better? You can actually download it and visit it yourself, for free! Lil-Failure has uploaded the Festive Harry Potter map to Reddit, and others have taken no time at all in enjoying their own immersive Hogwarts experience.

The Hogwarts Holiday map has been made since the addition of candles in Minecraft, so you can only begin to imagine the spectacular Christmas Feast that beckons in the Great Hall. Then there’s the layer of snow covering the entirety of the grounds, even incredible details like the Herbology greenhouses.

The Dawn of a new Minecraft Christmas build

dawn minecraft christmas build
Build by 01bdog20

This next beautiful build comes from 01bdog20 on Reddit, and displays incredible building prowess with an entire Christmas village, complete with warm lighting, candy cane decorations, and gothic builds, all while incorporating a whole bunch of new Caves and Cliffs blocks.

The Christmas build feels all kinds of cozy as you imagine yourself wandering down the cobbled streets, wrapped up in knitted mittens and a warm scarf, just a scattering of snow left on the ground as the sun rises. Sorry, excuse me while I just forget real life exists for a moment…

We’ll have a Blue Christmas

Blue christmas build Minecraft
Build by TheErikCZ

Almost the complete opposite of the previous build, but just as stunning, TheErikCZ’s Wintery build makes me feel cold just looking at it. But I also can’t tear my eyes away from all that gorgeous, icy blue.

In the build’s comments, TheErikCZ explains that the trees – and the surrounding coastline – are made of ice blocks and packed ice blocks, giving them all the same incredible blue hue. The fantastical blue trees surround almost Nordic-style villages, while a couple of pirate ships approach the massive island via the icy sea.

Minecraft Christmas cottage build

chritsmas cottage
Build by HYTELEr

OK, that name makes it sound small, but to get any sort of detail in Minecraft, you need to build big. Just look at those trees. Yep, that gives you the perspective of just how grand a “cottage” this build from HYTELEr actually is.

This incredible house really utilizes some of the best building techniques in Minecraft, and provides some great inspiration even for novice builders, whether you’re looking to spruce up your roofing or work on your windows. Just remember that the scale is likely to be different from that of your survival base.

Christmas tree survival base idea

Tutorial and build by ManDooMiN

Finally, something a little simpler than those mammoth builds, and something you can build in your own Minecraft world this Christmas (if you’re anything like me and have none of the above creators’ building skills).
ManDooMiN uploaded the tutorial for this fantastically cute Christmas tree base back in Christmas 2020, but it’s still buildable today in Minecraft 1.18. In fact, you could even try and add your own twist on it with some of the newer, natural blocks from Minecraft 1.17.

While the blocky, cartoon-style Christmas Tree is also a base, perhaps you could hide the entrance – depending on your Redstone skills – to keep all those Christmas presents safe from prying eyes. I’d like Diamonds, please.

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