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Hermitcraft Season 9 release date announcement

When do Minecraft’s Hermits return to YouTube?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 1:06 pm
Hermitcraft Season 9 release date

UPDATE: March 5, 2022 — Loads of Hermits now have their first Hermitcraft Season 9 episodes up, including ZombieCleo, GeminiTay, TangoTek and more!

A number of YouTubers have finally revealed the official release date for the first episodes of Hermitcraft Season 9, and we’re excited.

But what is Hermitcraft? This closed Minecraft server is played by well-known Minecraft content creators such as Grian and Mumbo Jumbo – both of whom appeared in Minecraft and Youtube’s one trillion views video. As such, Hermitcraft episodes can get millions of views each, making it among the most popular Minecraft content on the internet.

Hermitcraft Season 9 release date

Now eight “Seasons” in, Hermitcraft and its players are watched by fans across the globe, aided by the fact that the Hermits themselves come from all corners of the planet. Each season not only showcases some of Minecraft’s latest features, with Season 9 being played on the 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update, but also the incredible talent of those gifted enough to be invited onto the server. For example, the likes of Iskall85 and PearlescentMoon are among the servers best builders, and create incredible bases from thousands upon thousands of blocks. Mumbo on the other hand is known for his phenomenal redstone skills, while RenDog and Zedaph have garnered thousands of viewers for their comedy and production value.

How to get into Hermitcraft for the first time?

With a total of 26 Hermits currently creating content on the Hermitcraft server, it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re new to it – or even if you’re not, to be honest. That could be upwards of 26 new episodes every week, all with intertwining stories, locations and builds that you’ll feel you’ll need to be familiar with. However, you can start small. Try and find out which one or two Hermits you gravitate to the most, just start off by watching their new episodes and go from there. With different Hermits appearing in each other’s videos constantly, you’ll soon pick up on the wider storyline at play.

Hermitcraft Season 9 release date
Image via the official Hermitcraft website

Hermitcraft Season 9 start date

Officially, we can announce that Season 9 of the popular Minecraft server will start popping up on YouTube on March 5, 2022. Different Hermits will release their videos at different times, and some may not start tomorrow. However, here are a few of the official day one episodes that have already been announced!

As you can see above, Impulse has announced that his first video will be live on YouTube on March 5, 2022. He will be joined by iJevin, who will be posting his Hermitcraft Season 9 Episode 1 on March 5 at 5am PST/8am EST/1pm GMT.

Mumbo Jumbo, on the other hand, has revealed that he’s a little behind, and will publish his first Season 9 episode on Sunday March 6, 2022. Xsuima hasn’t confirmed when his first YouTube video might go live, but he will be streaming live from the Hermitcraft server on March 5 at 5am PST/8am EST/1pm GMT, and March 6 at the same time.

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