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How to de-fragment Minecraft Music Disk 5

We’ve never tried glueing together pieces of a broken record irl, but we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t work

Updated: Apr 22, 2022 11:57 am
Defragment Minecraft Music Disk 5 Fragments

Found a Music Disk Fragment in Minecraft and aren’t sure what to do with it? In this guide, we’ll take a look at the simple process of defragmenting a Minecraft Music Disk.

Fragmented Music Disks were added with Deep Dark Ancient Cities in The Wild Update. Like Pigstep in Nether Bastions before it, Music Disk “5” is exclusive to the new structure, giving players another reason to explore the Deep Dark palatial structures. However, the mechanic of a fragmented Music Disk is new and exclusive to The Wild Update, meaning players need to collect a number of fragments before they can create one full Music Disk.

Where to find Music Disk 5 Fragments

Minecraft Music Disk Fragments

As mentioned, Music Disk 5 Fragments are exclusive to Deep Dark Ancient City loot chests, and multiples can be found in each chest. According to the Minecraft Wiki, they can be found in stacks of up to three, but we’ve yet to find any stacks of more than one. However, we have found up to five Music Disk fragments in one Ancient City chest, so you should have to adventure too far before you collect all nine fragments required.

How to craft a Minecraft Music Disk

The crafting recipe for a full Music Disk is very simple, and is simply nine of the same Music Disk Fragments. Place each of the nine Fragments into the Crafting Table to fill it, and one Music Disk will be crafted – able to be played in a Jukebox.

Minecraft Music Disk 5 Fragments Defragment

What is Minecraft’s track 5 by Samuel Aberg?

“5” is the name of the song which plays when the new Deep Dark Music Disk is put into a Jukebox. The track is the first by Samuel Aberg, Mojang Studios’ Audio Director. Named after a number, 5 is most similar to other Music Disks 11 and 13, in that it is also made up of Minecraft sound effects, rather than being a melodic tune.

5 is made up of the sounds of a player exploring the Deep Dark, interacting with fire, bats, lava and Wardens. Early on in the track, there are a few seconds of a pretty, melodic song, which eventually fades out back into the haunting sound effects. According to the Minecraft wiki, there are theories that this is because the Music Disk is put together from fragments that are perhaps different tracks, which explains the song, and that the sound effects are made up from the experiences of multiple adventurers.

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