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How to find your Minecraft seed

Anyone can load up your specific Minecraft landscape

Updated: Jun 5, 2023 10:49 pm
How to find your Minecraft seed

Minecraft worlds are procedurally generated, infinitely large, and there are a never-ending number of them. But there is a way to replicate the same Minecraft world more than once, or allow others to build in the very same world you’ve discovered – with the use of a Minecraft “seed”.

A Minecraft world seed is a number that relates to a specific world generation. If you find a stunning landscape you just think other people should get the chance to play with, you can share the seed, and they can load into the exact same world you’re looking at. It’s also how speedrunners work from the same Minecraft world with structures spawning in the same place each time. But how do you find your Minecraft seed to share it with others? We’ll show you how.

How to find your Minecraft world seed – Java Edition

In Java Edition, you can easily find your world seed, but while you don’t need to leave your game to do so, you must be in-game to find it. Simply type “/seed” into the chat, and your world seed will appear in the chat log. The log doesn’t save once you log out, though, so you’ll need to copy it out, but you can do this any time you load into your Minecraft world.

Find Minecraft seed Java Edition

How to find your Minecraft world seed – Bedrock Edition

In Bedrock edition, finding your Minecraft world seed requires a few more steps, but you can still find it without logging out of your game. In case you’re not sure, you’ll be playing Bedrock Edition on console or mobile devices. If you’re playing on PC, you’ll know which version you are playing from which you load from the Minecraft Launcher – “Minecraft for Windows” is Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft editions

So, to find your seed in Bedrock Edition, follow these simple steps:

From launch


Open Edit Menu

If you haven’t loaded into your world yet, you can find your seed from your Worlds menu. Before selecting the world you are going to open, click the Edit button (the little pencil icon).

Worlds Menu Minecraft find seed



Open Pause Menu

From your game, simply go to the “pause” menu, and click on Settings.

Find Minecraft world seed Bedrock Edition Pause Menu

From here, all the steps are the same whether you’re in your game menu or the launch menu.


Go to Game Settings

In the settings menu, you should automatically find yourself in the “Game” options, but you can double check on the left hand side.

Find Minecraft world Seed Bedrock Edition Game menu


Locate the “Seed” option

Scroll down to find the “Seed” box. As you will have already created your world (keep reading for how to load a specific seed), you will not be able to interact with this box, and it will be greyed out. However, you’ll still be able to read the seed of your world.

Find Minecraft world seed Bedrock Edition

And that’s it! You now have the seed. Entering this into a new world load will recreate the exact block generation, as long as you don’t change any other options. If you’ve found or been given a Minecraft world seed you just can’t wait to try out, we’ve got a separate how-to guide on how to load into a specific Minecraft world seed.

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