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How to find, tame and breed a Minecraft Frog

The Wild Update’s cute Frogs are complex creatures

Updated: Jun 9, 2022 1:32 pm
How to find and Tame Frogs in Minecraft

Let’s be real, Minecraft’s friendly mobs are among the top reasons to keep coming back to the sandbox survival, especially when new ones are added. With June 2022’s Wild Update, the long-awaited Frog was finally added to Minecraft gameplay, along with Tadpoles, Frogspawn, and the weird Froglight Block and mechanic. With the Minecraft Frog being completely unique to other passive mobs, this guide will help you find, tame and breed every Frog variant.

Minecraft Frog variants

Let’s start with Frog Variants. Like cats, there are different textures for Minecraft Frogs – three to be precise. The different Frog textures are based around the climate in which the Frog lives; Temperate, Cold and Warm. Temperate Frogs are tan-colored, while cold Frogs are green. The third and final variant, warm, is an off-white color.

Minecraft Frog variants Wild Update

You’ll be able to spawn temperate Frogs in places like Forests, Cold and Lukewarm Oceans, Plains and Beaches. Cold Frogs will spawn in icy and snowy biomes only, such as Frozen Peaks, Ice Spikes and the Snowy Taiga. Finally, warm Frogs will generate in Jungles, Badlands, Savannas, Mangrove Swamps and other hot biomes. While this doesn’t cover every biome, it gives you an idea of where you can spawn each Frog variant, with the full list available over at the Minecraft Wiki.

Having said that, you won’t find Frogs naturally in all of those biomes. As we’ll explain, you’ll need to know where to find and breed them first, before moving them to other climates.

Where to locate a Minecraft Frog

Despite the three different variants, Minecraft Frogs will actually only spawn naturally in Swamps and Mangrove Swamps, meaning you’ll most likely only find Temperate and Warm Frogs in the wild. Like other biome-specific mobs – for example Villagers – you may be lucky enough to find a Cold Frog if it spawns on the border between warm and cold biomes, but it’ll be rare.

Cold Minecraft Frog on snow

In order to force a cold Frog to spawn, you’ll need to breed Frogs that you have found in the wild. As you’ll find out further down, Frogs don’t take on the appearance of their parents, but rather the climate they grow up in.

How to breed Minecraft Frogs

While there are no baby frog models in Minecraft, you can still breed adult Frogs, necessary for getting those cold-climate critters. Frog breeding works in a similar way to Turtles, in that you will breed the adults with their favorite food, and they will go and lay eggs – or, in this case, Frogspawn. Like pregnant Turtles head to the nearest sandy beach, a pregnant Frog will find a water source with an air block above it to lay their Frogspawn.

Minecraft Frogs Frogspawn Tadpoles

Again, much like a Turtle Egg will hatch into a baby Turtle after some time, Frogspawn will take up to ten real-life minutes to hatch, resulting in between two and six Tadpoles. Since the color of a Frog is only determined when the Tadpole grows into an adult Frog, you can then pick up Tadpoles in Buckets, before transporting them to any biome (or climate) you choose.

You can also break and collect Frogspawn with a Silk Touch enchanted tool, so you can transport them in this younger form, as well.

Minecraft Frog item drop — Froglights

Frogs in Minecraft have a very unique item drop… and it’s not easy to farm. Froglights, a light-emitting block, come in three colors, and are dropped when a Frog consumes a small Magma Cube. Yep, you read that right. If you’re interested in finding out more on this, it’s so complicated we decided to do a separate guide on how to farm Froglights in Minecraft, so pop that open on another tab. In short, though, you’re going to need to get those Frog friends into The Nether.

What are Frog Lights in Minecraft

How to tame and move Frogs in Minecraft

Given this rather tricky requirement for farming Froglights, you’ll need to be able to get Frogs to follow you. Unlike some of Minecraft’s other passive mobs, like cats and horses, you can’t technically tame a Frog. Instead, you’ll need to know how to get it to follow you, which also involves its favorite snack. As we mentioned earlier, Frogs love to eat Slimeballs, so one (unkind) way to get a Frog to follow you into the Nether is by simply leading it with a Slimeball in your hand. However, if you’re not keen on teasing your pets, you can always just use a lead. Either of these will allow you to get your Frogs into the Nether for farming Froglights, but we have no advice for actually keeping them alive once you’re in there. For that, you’re on your own. Godspeed.

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