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How to get Emeralds in Minecraft — the fast way!

A very legitimate cheese for getting fast Minecraft Emeralds

Updated: Aug 5, 2022 4:22 pm
How to get Emeralds in Minecraft

When it comes to mining, Emeralds are one of Minecraft rarest commodities. However, there are a few far simpler ways to get rich quick for Villager trading. Here’s our guide on the fastest way to gather Minecraft Emeralds.

There once was a system that technically resulted in infinite Minecraft Emeralds, which has since been patched out. With the right trades, players could purchase Bookshelves for Emeralds, and sell the books back for a profit – i.e. free, infinite Emeralds. Since that has been fixed, players have been looking for new ways to earn Emeralds fast, and – while it’s no infinite Emerald hack – this is our go-to Emerald trading method.


Find a Village/Villager

You’ll want to make sure, of course, that there are already villagers about, and that it is not an Abandoned Village. Villagers do not spawn naturally without two parent Villagers and other spawn requirements, so an empty village will always be an empty village.

Minecraft Taiga Village Villager trades Emeralds



Hire a Fletcher

Once you’ve found some Villagers, you’ll want to turn one into a Fletcher. You can do this with any Villager that’s not a Nitwit (wears a green tunic), even if they already have a different profession – provided you haven’t already traded with them. To make a Villager lose its profession, find its job block and break it. At this point, place a Fletching Table near the recently unemployed Villager, and it will take on the new role. Check to make sure that the Fletcher is offering Emeralds for Sticks as one of its first trades. If not, break the Fletching Table and keep placing it back down until it does. This shouldn’t take long.

How to get Minecraft Emeralds Fletcher trade

We recommend blocking the Villager into a house so you know where it is whenever you want to get more Emeralds, and to keep it safe from Zombies and other hostile mobs. To do this, you can simply surround the house or door with fences.


Farm wood

Now you’ll just need to gather plenty of wood. We recommend a nice empty inventory for this, as you’ll need lots of space to turn your wood into sticks – one stack of logs becomes eight stacks of sticks.

Minecraft Fletcher Trading Wood Farm

If you’ve blocked your Fletcher in a house, you can always just pop a few saplings around that house, and replace them whenever you chop a tree down. This way, you’ll always have Sticks on hand.



Trade Sticks for Emeralds

Finally, trade Sticks for Emeralds with your Fletcher! The limits to this are that the Villager will run out of sticks, and you’ll need to wait for a new Minecraft day for him to restock. Keep a bed to hand, though, and you can fast forward straight into a brand-new morning. You’ll also need to make sure the Fletcher has access to his Fletching Table to restock, as well. At the standard price (though this does change slightly), you’ll be able to earn 16 Emeralds a day using this method, with just one stack of logs.

Trade Sticks for Emeralds Minecraft Fletcher Villager

Multiply the number of Fletchers you have in your Village, and you’ll be able to earn even more!

Of course, this is the same method for any Villager and their starter trades, but sticks are just the easiest item to farm in large quantities. Other early Villager trades usually involve items that take longer to farm (such as Rotten Flesh or Paper) or useful to keep to yourself (like Coal).

And there you have it! Our fast way of trading for Emeralds in Minecraft. Of course you can make this even more efficient with multiple Fletchers. Once you’re rich in Emeralds, why not use them to stock up on Mending Books, Ender Pearls or Enchanted weapons?

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