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How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

Here’s how to make a Smooth Stone in Minecraft for building.

Updated: May 6, 2022 3:19 pm
How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft

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Smooth Stone is one of many Stone variants in Minecraft, often sought after by players for a unique, modern look while building thanks to its smooth texture. Smooth Stone was a part of earlier versions of Minecraft, but only recent versions have included it as a base material for building with. However, Smooth Stone is not readily available and has to be crafted through two smelting processes by players.

How to craft Smooth Stone in Minecraft 

Most survival players will know that Cobblestone is one of the blocks you don’t even really have to try hard to gather. Stone must be mined with a pickaxe. and, as it drops when you break a Stone block, you’ll gather plenty when mining. In fact, as you mine for other, more valuable, materials, you’ll find you naturally collect stacks upon stacks of the stuff, so you’ll likely have some lying around.

If you mine with Silk Touch, though, you’ll have Stone instead. As you’re about to find out, this will put you one step ahead of the Smooth Stone process.


Craft a Furnace

A Furnace is one of the first items you’ll make in a survival Minecraft world. What you might not know, though, is that you can now craft a Furnace from three different materials. In a 3×3 crafting grid, place eight cobblestone variants around the outside, leaving the central square empty. The blocks don’t even need to be the same variety, and you can combine any of the following: Cobblestone, Blackstone, Cobbled Deepslate.

Minecraft craft a Furnace recipe


Smelt Cobblestone

Place Cobblestone in the Furnace, along with a suitable fuel source, this will turn the Cobblestone into Stone.

Smooth Stone Smelting Cobblestone Minecraft

If you need a lot of Smooth Stone, we recommend placing full stacks of 64 Cobblestone into the Furnace, and smelt it with a Bucket of Lava, which is the cheapest and most efficient fuel source in Minecraft.


Smelt Stone

At this point, place the resultant Stone back in the Furnace to smelt it into Smooth Stone. As mentioned earlier, if you are starting the process with Stone, you will only need to smelt once.

Smooth Stone Smelting Minecraft

That’s it! It’s a very simple process to smelt Smooth Stone block in Minecraft, you just have to remember that it costs a lot of fuel. If you know you’re going to want to build with Smooth Stone, it might be best to go mining for Stone with a Silk Touch Pickaxe to cut the fuel cost in half.

Smooth Stone as a Crafting ingredient

As well as being a great building block, you may also find you need to craft Smooth Stone or its variants for a crafting recipes. Smooth Stone is most commonly used for Blast Furnaces since these smelt ores, tools and armor much faster than a Furnace. Meanwhile, a Smooth Stone Slab is required for crafting an armor stand.

Smooth Stone variants

Unlike most other building blocks in Minecraft, there is only one other Smooth Stone variant, the Smooth Stone Slab. For example, Smooth Stone Stairs or Walls do not exist in Minecraft, a fact that still surprises many players.

How to craft Smooth Stone Slabs

Once you have Smooth Stone, its pretty simple to craft them into Slabs, and is the same as any other slab recipe. Simply place three Smooth Stone Blocks in a horizontal row in a 3×3 crafting grid, and you’ll be able to craft six Smooth Stone Slabs.

Minecraft crafting Smooth Stone Slabs

How to make Smooth Stone Slabs in a Stonecutter

In Minecraft 1.14, you can also craft a Smooth Stone Slabs by using a Stonecutter. You’ll have to first craft the Stonecutter and then place Smooth Stone in the work block’s interface. This method yields the same number of Slabs per Smooth Stone block, but saves on fuel. The other benefit to this method is that you can craft two Slabs at a time instead of six, which is more efficient if you don’t need a multiple of six.


Craft a Stonecutter

To craft a Stonecutter, you need three Stone blocks and one Iron Ingot. An Iron Ingot can be obtained by crafting nine Iron Nuggets together or by smelting one Iron Ore.

Craft Stonecutter in Minecraft


Place Smooth Stone into Stonecutter

Place a Smooth Stone block into the box on the left of the Stonecutter interface, and you will see all of the options available to craft. In the case of Smooth Stone, though, there is only the one – Smooth Stone Stairs. One Smooth Stone block here will result in two Smooth Stone Slabs – the same relative yield as a Crafting Table, but with fewer resources required.

Smooth Stone Slab Minecraft Stonecutter


Remove Smooth Stone Slabs

From the Stonecutter interface, you need to click the Smooth Stone Slab icon in the middle of the screen, and then simply remove the number of Smooth Stone Slabs you require from the right-hand side – and you’re done!

Smooth Stone Slabs Minecraft Stonecutter

Which Minecraft version? Bedrock Edition or Java Edition

Minecraft is available on virtually every platform you can think of. Depending on which version of the game you have, it could well effect how things need to be done as the required game version can alter. Console players will be playing what’s known as Bedrock Edition. If you are playing on PC, you may be playing the original Java build, but could have access to both. Thankfully, however, making Smooth Stone works in the same manner regardless of the version you are using, even Minecraft Education edition or Minecraft Pocket Edition on your iOS or Android mobile device!

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