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How to make all 16 Minecraft dyes and their uses

Craft yourself a whole world of color

Updated: Apr 11, 2022 12:45 pm
How to craft all 16 Minecraft Dyes

A lot of the fun on Minecraft comes from building. Whether in Creative or Survival mode, you can build almost anything you can imagine, especially given the range of colors that blocks such as Terracotta and Concrete can be made in. And that’s where dyes come in, because you can’t surround yourself with color without them.

In this guide, we’re going to take a look at how to make each of Minecraft’s 16 dyes, as well as some of their uses!

cocoa beans
Crafting Brown Dye from Cocoa Beans

How to make dyes in Minecraft

Making dyes is (mostly) simple. The majority require an item in a Crafting Table, or even just your inventory’s 2×2 crafting table, while some require a little more work. Take a look at the table below for each of the colored dyes, which items are required to make them, and if there are any special requirements. Note that, in most cases, more than one item can be used to craft the same dye. In others, two or more dyes can be crafted together to make a dye of another color. Finally, two-high flowers – such as peonies and rose bushes – result in two of their respective dyes.

Dye colorItems requiredNotes
White DyeBone Meal
Lily of the Valley
Light Grey DyeAzure Bluet, Oxeye Daisy or White Tulip
1 x Black Dye and 2 x White Dye
1x Grey Dye and 1 x White Dye
Grey Dye1 x Black Dye and 1 x White Dye
Black DyeInk Sac
Wither Rose
Brown DyeCocoa Beans
Orange DyeOrange Tulip
1 x Yellow and 1 x Red Dye
Yellow DyeDandelion or Sunflower
Lime Dye1 x Green Dye and 1 x White Dye
Sea PickleMust be smelted in a Furnace
Green DyeCactusMust be smelted in a Furnace
Cyan Dye1 x Blue Dye and 1 x Green Dye
Blue DyeLapis Lazuli
Light Blue DyeBlue Orchid
1 x Blue Dye and 1 x White Dye
Purple Dye1 Blue Dye and 1 x Red Dye
Magenta DyeAllium or Lilac
1 x Purple Dye and 1 x Pink Dye
1 x Red Dye, 1 x Blue Dye and 1 x White Dye
1 x Pink Dye, 1 x Red Dye and 1 x Blue Dye
Pink DyePink Tulip or Peony
1 x Red Dye and 1 x White Dye
Red DyePoppy, Red Tulip, Rose Bush or Beetroot

What can dyes be used for in Minecraft?

Aside from the obvious, like dying blocks, there are loads of uses in Minecraft you might not know about. For example – and for the record, we think this is the most vital – you can use Minecraft dyes on a tamed cat or wolf to change the color of its collar. Another of our favorite uses for Minecraft dyes involves a new item, introduced in 1.17 – candles. Different colored candles can be crafted by putting a candle in a Crafting Table with a single dye color.


Other items you can dye in Minecraft include beds, wool (which can be redyed from any existing color), glass (to create stained glass) and Shulker Boxes.

There is a nice use for dyes which is exclusive to Bedrock Edition, and that is to dye water. If you add a dye to a cauldron full of water, the water inside that cauldron will appear colored. You can then use this to dye leather. In a decidedly more boring method, leather is simply crafted with a dye in Java Edition.

If you touch a sign with a piece of dye, it will change the color of the writing to that of the dye you used. To make this even more spectacular, you can then add an Ink Sac from a Glow Squid to make the letters glow brightly.

Finally, dyes are used in the crafting of Fireworks and Banners, but they are more complex in themselves, so check out our separate guides on both how to craft and use Fireworks and how to make Banners on our growing Minecraft hub!

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