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How to make Fire Resistance potion in Minecraft?

A fire-resistance potion is a must-have if you visit the underworld.

Updated: Apr 26, 2022 4:49 pm
Fire Resistance

You may make a variety of potions to boost your efficacy. Some of them make it easier to navigate hazardous terrain. A fire-resistance potion is a must-have if you visit the underworld.

It is unavoidable that you will come upon lava when exploring the underworld. Fire resistance potions eliminate this problem by providing 100% immunity to fire damage. Since there is fire and lava everywhere in the underworld, navigating the earth is considerably safer and less dangerous.

What are the materials that you will need? 

The following are the materials that are needed to make a fire resistance potion. 

  • Brewing Stand
  • Blaze Powder
  • Glass Bottles
  • Water
  • Magma Cream
  • Nether Wart 

Players will need a brewing stand to prepare a fire resistance potion. To obtain the blazing rod required to construct the brewing stand, you must first locate a subterranean castle and battle several blaze opponents. Blaze powder is manufactured using blaze rods, which can be found in your crafting menu. Two blaze powders will be produced from each blazing rod. These powders will be required to keep your brewing stand running.

A crafting table can be used to make glass bottles. To make glass, you’ll need to dig up some sand and smelt it in a furnace.

Magma cream is a nether item that drops from magma cubes. Magma cubes may spawn anywhere in the underworld, and because they break into so many smaller copies, obtaining a large quantity of magma cream should be straightforward.

In Nether Fortresses, you’ll find Nether Warts. Traveling through the underworld can be risky, however, many Nether Fortresses have rooms where they can be located.

Steps to make the potion

Here are some easy steps that you can take to make this potion. 

  • Fill a glass bottle halfway with water.
  • Add your glass bottle and Nether Wart to the brewing stand.
  • Add Magma Cream to the brew
  • Fill your inventory with your new fire resistance potion.

Awkward Potion is created by combining Nether wart with a glass container. Don’t be worried. That’s how it’s intended to work. Continue on, replacing the Nether Wart in the brewing station with Magma Cream. This is the secret component that provides three minutes of fire resistance.

How else to get Fire Resistance potion

There are a couple of handy ways to get some Fire Resistance potions without having to brew it. For instance, Fire Resistance potions may be dropped when you defeat a Minecraft Witch. It’s not guaranteed, though, as they can also drop sugar, glass bottles and more.

The best way of obtaining Fire Resistance potions, however, is by trading with nether Piglins. By trading Gold ingots with Piglins in the Nether, you will be rewarded with all kinds of useful loot, one of which being Fire Resistance Potions. This is particularly useful since the Nether will be one of the key places this protective potion will be most crucial. Again, you’re not guaranteed Fire Resistance potions as Piglins have a relatively large loot table to choose from. Also, each Piglin will only be holding a limited selection from that loot table, so you’ll increase your chances by trading with multiple Piglins. So come to the Nether with your pockets full of Gold.

You can now become resistant to one of Minecraft’s most dangerous components. Keep your hands away from the drop item button since your objects will not receive the same effect. Dropping into lava is one of the most irritating things a player can experience, but if you have a fire-resistance potion on hand, you’ll have a lot less to worry about.

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