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How to make Potions in Minecraft

Here’s how to create powerful potions in Minecraft.

Updated: Jun 9, 2022 3:16 pm
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Potions were introduced along with the Nether region in Minecraft. Unlike crafting or enchanting objects that require specific recipes, all potions use the same base ingredients that you can build upon for various effects. Here’s how to make potions in Minecraft. 

How to Create Potions in Minecraft

Here are the materials you will need to start brewing potions in Minecraft. 

  1. Brewing stand – Brewing stands can be both made and found in Minecraft. You can make them with three cobblestones, one blaze rod, and a crafting table. Alternatively, you can use the brewing stands that automatically respawn in villages and end ships. 
  2. Cauldron – The cauldron is for storing water. It can hold the equivalent of three water bottles. All potions need water. 
  3. Blaze Powder – Blaze powder fuels the Brewing Stand, and is made from Blaze rods in the Crafting Table. One Blaze Rod creates two Blaze Powder items.
  4. Glass Bottle – You’ll need a glass bottle to collect water as well as store the potion once it’s ready. 

In order to make Potions in Minecraft, you’ll have to open up the Brewing Stand and add the ingredients. There’s a slot for a Base Ingredient, Secondary Ingredient, and Elemental Ingredient. 

How to Make Potion of Invisibility

The Potion of Invisibility is one of the easiest potions to make in Minecraft and is definitely a sought-after potion since it grants the player three minutes of complete invisibility. Here’s how to make it: 

  1. Open the Brewing Stand.
  2. Add Blaze Powder in the left-most box to activate the Brewing Stand. 
  3. You will need the Potion of Night Vision to make this potion. Place it in any of the bottom boxes. 
  4. Place one Fermented Spider’s Eye in the top box. 
  5. The brewing process will start and you will have one Potion of Invisibility to use in the game. You can add it to your inventory or consume it right away. 

Most potions are made to be consumed by the player themself. You can consume a potion by adding it to your Hotbar and then drinking it. Splash potions allow you to attack a mob or player by throwing the potion on them to deal damage.

How to Make the Awkward Potion

The Awkward Potion is possibly the most important potion in Minecraft since it forms the base ingredient for other potions. Here’s how to make it: 

  1. Open the Brewing Stand. 
  2. You will need three glass bottles. Add three glass bottles into the three lower squares in the Brewing Stand. You will need to fill them from a water source before placing in the Brewing Stand. 
  3. In the top square, add in a Nether Wart
  4. The final ingredient is Blaze Powder. Place this in the upper left box to activate the entire Brewing Stand. 
  5. Now that all boxes are filled, the water in the three glass bottles is converted into Awkward Potion. 

The Awkward Potion is used in the following potions. Usually, these potions simply require three bottles of Awkward Potion along with one or two ingredients like Magma Cream, Rabbit’s Foot, Dragon’s Breath, or Phantom Membrane.

  • Potion of Slowness
  • Potions of Leaping
  • Potion of Regeneration
  • Potion of Water Breathing
  • Potion of Weakness
  • Potion of Swiftness
  • Potions of Slow Falling
  • Potion of Fire Resistance (Awkward Potion with Magma Cream)

Although you need to continuously create Awkward Potion in order to make new potions in Minecraft, the only valuable ingredient it uses is Nether Wart. It’s a good idea to collect as much as Nether Wart as possible from a Nether Fortress or Nether Portal if you plan to play with a lot of potions in your game. 

Blaze rods are another necessary ingredient for potions, and players will need to defeat blaze enemies in order to acquire significant portions of it. 

How to Craft Potion of Strength

The Potion of Strength gives the player extra attack power. You can either buy this potion in creative mode or craft it in survival mode. While you can consume this potion for any combat in the game, it’s particularly useful when battling the end-game Ender Dragon or the Wither. Here’s how to make it: 

  1. Open up the Brewing Stand. 
  2. Place three bottles of Awkward Potion in the lower slots
  3. ​Add in Blaze Powder in the top slot as well as the upper left slot to activate the Brewing Stand. 
  4. You now have three bottles of potion of strength. 

Strength potions last for three minutes when consumed, giving player attacks an extra heart and a half of damage. Ensure you’re using melee weapons with the strength potion since it will not affect bow damage. 

Different Potion Types in Minecraft

Potions are split into three categories in Minecraft: Positive potions, Negative effects potions, and Mixed.

Positive potions are almost all drinkable except for the Splash potion of healing. These potions add an effect to the player who consumes them, or to the armor worn.

Negative potions are mostly throwable potions and can be used as a weapon against an enemy. Negative potion recipes include potions of harming, slowness and weakness. All of these potion recipes have multiple levels for more powerful effects. 

Mixed potions include all three levels of the Turtlemaster potions, made with Turtle shell, Glowstone dust, and Redstone dust.

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