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What are Mooblooms in Minecraft?

Get to know the adorable and rare Minecraft Moobloom

Updated: Aug 19, 2022 2:54 pm
What is the Moobloom in Minecraft

The Moobloom was a beautiful cow covered in buttercups. This was a variant of Mooshroom which you could only find in the app Minecraft: Earth. Minecraft: Earth was an app available for download on iOS and Android devices on the app store and Google Play Store. Unfortunately, the app was discontinued and can no longer be accessed.

Luckily, we have immortalized the Moobloom right here. We will look at what they are specifically, how they behaved and if there’s a chance they will be brought back in the future.

What is a Moobloom in Minecraft?

Mooblooms were a variant of the Mooshroom, a neutral mob resembling a cow. While Mooshrooms are red and white mobs (or a rare brown variant) that spawn with mushrooms on their backs, and are still available in Minecraft, Mooblooms grew buttercups on their backs, and were only ever in the now defunct Minecraft: Earth. They were wonderful, wholesome creatures, and, if you were lucky enough to find one, you could shear them to obtain a buttercup!

Minecraft Background Moobloom Mooshroom

The Moobloom’s body was yellow with white spots covering its entire body and head. It had two black eyes and four buttercups growing out of it, three on its back and one on its head.

Minecraft Moobloom behavior

As they walked you would find the Moobloom left a trail of yellow flowers on the ground following it. These flowers were planted into the ground and remained there. There was an 80% chance that one of the flowers would be a dandelion, and a 20% that they would plant sunflowers!

Other than these fascinating plant trails, Mooblooms behaved very similarly to Mooshrooms and regular cows. They would roam around and graze on the grass. The yellow cow was the rarest cow variant and very difficult to come by. There was a low 0.6% chance of cow mobs spawning a Moobloom, making it a rare drop and a feat when it did appear.

Minecraft Live mob vote 2020

The Moobloom was actually one of the choices in the annual Minecraft Live mob vote in 2020. During Minecraft Live each year, players are offered a choice of three or four mobs to vote for, with the winner being added to the game. The Moobloom went up against Minecraft Dungeons’ Iceologer and Minecraft: Earth’s Glow Squid, sadly losing to the latter, which is a permanent feature in Minecraft as of 1.17, Caves and Cliffs Part I.

Will the Moobloom ever be in Minecraft?

The question still remains whether Mooblooms will ever return to Minecraft. The Moobloom had a lot of fans, and still does, so much so that it has made its debut in Minecraft Dungeons.

During the dungeon crawler’s second anniversary event in May/June 2022, the baby Moobloom was added as a rare pet. You needed to clear a special challenge to obtain the pet, but it’s a great way to show off your dedication to the cute mob.

Minecraft Moobloom in Dungeons
The Baby Moobloom in Minecraft Dungeons (via Minecraft.net)

As for the main game, it is difficult to give a definitive answer as to whether we’ll ever see the Moobloom, as Minecraft is constantly evolving and updating with new animals and mobs added multiple times across the year. However, for that reason, it is entirely possible that Mooblooms may be added to Minecraft, but since it lost the Minecraft Live mob vote, we’d be inclined to say it’s unlikely.

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