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The Minecraft Community loses one of its best as Technoblade passes away after cancer battle

“You’ve helped millions of people, now you can rest”

Updated: Jul 1, 2022 1:49 pm
The Minecraft Community loses one of its best as Technoblade passes away after cancer battle

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Just a year after his cancer diagnosis, Minecraft Youtuber Alex, known in the Community as Technoblade, has passed away, aged just 23. The news was announced in an emotional final video from his father, who – wearing a Technoblade shirt – read out a message that Alex had written to his fans just hours before his death.

The sad news broke on the Youtuber’s channel on June 30, 2022, as Techno’s dad, joined by his pet dog, read out some words that Alex had penned as his final goodbye, as well speaking on his own behalf about his beloved son’s passing. After reading some of Alex’s goodbye note, his father noted that Technoblade only lived a further eight hours after writing the words, having deliberated over his farewell for some time.

The Minecraft Community mourns

Technoblade was a well-known name in the Minecraft Youtube community, known as one of the most competent players online. Participating in events like Noxcrew’s MCC, Hypixel and Minecraft Monday, Technoblade, in his instantly recognisable pig skin, often won, showing his prowess in PVP, parkour and more. Of course, as news of his passing broke, fans and colleagues around the world started sharing their thoughts on the young content creator.

DanTDM recognised his kindness, calling him an “absolute legend” and “one of a kind”, while Pixlriffs tweeted, “Waking up to the news that the Minecraft community has lost one of its best and brightest. A sad day for us all.”

A devoted brother

Technoblade spent the last months out of the spotlight, still popping up occasionally, most notably with new merch collections going on sale. In Alex’s final note, he demonstrates the kindness confirmed by so many friends and colleagues by saying that the money collected would help his siblings go to college. Also showing his humorous side, even in his final hours, he then lovingly jokes, “If they want to, I don’t want to put any dead brother peer pressure on them.”

The Youtuber then goes on to tell his fans that he loves them, saying that if he could live his life over, he’d choose to be Technoblade every time, and that they were the best years of his life.

While fans of Technoblade have been aware of the young man’s illness for the last year, the news has still come as somewhat of a devastating shock, as there’s no doubt the community will forever mourn its loss. Another young life taken far too soon. You can of course still watch Technoblade’s videos on his channel, subscribe, and purchase his merchandise.

Featured image from Technoblade’s Twitter profile.

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