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What is Impaling in Minecraft?

Here’s a quick look at how the enchantment works and how you can make the most use of it.

Updated: Jun 27, 2022 10:01 am
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Impaling is one of the features in Minecraft that is not explained well. A large number of enchantments are not described properly and players are left on their own to figure out the game’s mechanics. Impaling is one of the best enchantments which are exclusive to the Trident. Here’s a quick look at how the enchantment works and how you can make the most use of it.

How does Impaling Work in Minecraft?

The Impaling enchantment works differently depending on which edition of the game you are playing. In both the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition of the game, Impaling does bonus damage to mobs. However, the enchantment only does bonus damage to aquatic mobs if you are playing the Java edition of the game. 

The Bedrock edition of the game, on the other hand, allows Impaling to do bonus damage to all mobs, but only when players are in the rain, floating, or underwater. Unless you are in contact with water or rain, the enchantment becomes useless. Unlike a lot of other damage-boosting enchantments, Impaling is only situationally effective.

How to get Impaling in Minecraft?

Like most enchantments, there are a few ways to get Impaling on your Minecraft Trident. The most common would be using an Enchanting Table, as we’ll describe below, but you can also find Impaling on an Enchanted Book and use it with your Trident on an Anvil.


Enchanting Table

The first method involves surrounding an Enchanting Table with 15 Bookshelves and placing your Trident on it with some Lapis Lazuli.

Then, depending on the XP levels you have available, you can apply one of six eligible enchantment effects to your trident.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing for sure which enchantment effect you’ll end up with, so there is some level of luck involved. If you don’t see Impaling straight away, you will need to reroll the enchantments by something else first and placing your Trident back on the table.

Surrounding An Enchantment Table With Bookshelves


Book and Anvil

The second method is to place your Trident and an Impaling Enchanted Book into an Anvil to combine them together.

This will also cost you some enchantment level from your overall experience, but at least you’ll know exactly which enchantments you’re getting.

The only way to get these Enchanted Books is to find them in loot chests in the world, by fishing, or to trade for one with a Librarian villager.

Using An Anvil

Impaling is one of the six enchantments available for Tridents. The other enchantments include Loyalty, Riptide, Channeling, Unbreaking, and Mending.

How much damage does Impaling do?

Like with many enchantments you can apply to weapons in Minecraft, impaling has levels that can increase the amount of damage dealt to your enemies by each hit. The minimum level of Impaling is called ‘Impaling I’, while the maximum level is ‘Impaling V’.

There’s a simple formula that can tell you exactly how much damage is dealt by each level of impaling:

2.5 (1 Heart X 1.25)

Each level of impaling adds one of these to the overall damage done:

  • Impaling I: + 2.5 (1 Heart X 1.25)
  • Impaling II: + 5 X 2.5 Hearts
  • Impaling III: + 7.5 X (1 Heart X 3.75)
  • Impaling IV: + 10 X 5 Hearts
  • Impaling V: + 12.5 X (1 Heart X 6.25)

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