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What is the Enderman Language in Minecraft?

What is it actually?

Updated: Jun 9, 2022 3:16 pm
Enderman Language

The Endermen have their own language. All of the Endermen had a very unified system of speech, trade, and business between the islands which we can call the “endscript.” The language existed before the Ender Dragon and there are some pronunciation differences that you will notice across the islands. After the Ender Dragon was awakened, the islands were cut off from each other in some cases due to the End Portal being disabled at the time.

How to Understand Enderman Language in Minecraft

While it is possible to learn a few words and make sense of the Enderman Language in Minecraft, you can just use an online translator to make things easier. When you explore different islands, you will notice that a lot of Endermen use the same words. It is evident that while some of the words have evolved since the Ender Dragon incident, the base of the language is still the same.

The Endscript on the other hand which is the written language is consistent across all the islands. The developers have a single script for each of the islands which makes translation a lot easier. If you want to get deep into Enderspek, you could learn the language.

Unlike learning real-world languages, learning the Enderman language is actually quite easy. There are no uppercase or lowercase words with the language having just one case. To make things even easier, there are just two punctuation marks which serve as the equivalents for a full stop and a comma.

Whether or not a sentence in the Enderman language is asking a question or making a statement is determined purely by context. But due to the voice acting in Minecraft, it can be difficult to discern what some characters are trying to say. There is very little consistency across different characters and it is up to the players to figure things out when having interactions with the language.

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