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Is MLB The Show 21 Cross Platform? – Is MLB The Show 21 Crossplay?

We find out if MLB The Show 21 Is Cross Platform

Updated: Mar 14, 2022 12:59 pm
MLB The Show 21

This might just be the only Sony-published game ever released on an Xbox console. MLB The Show 21 has been doing rounds in gaming-related trivia quizzes since it came out in April of 2021. As odd as it might seem, the game is indeed available across 4 different platforms, with 50% of them not being Sony-owned. With that in mind, is this game cross platform? Yes, this title does support crossplay no matter whether you’re playing on an Xbox console or a PlayStation one.

Is MLB The Show 21 Cross Platform? – Is MLB The Show 21 Crossplay?

Yes, MLB the Show 21 supports full crossplay no matter what platform you or your friends happen to be playing the game on. That means that if you’ve been waiting to play baseball with your Xbox friends, it’s finally possible to actually get it done. Of course, it’s not as simple as just adding your friends and starting out, there are a few extra steps you’ll have to take if you want to enjoy crossplay.

How to Play MLB The Show 21 Cross Platform

If you want to enjoy crossplay properly, you’ll need to enable it first. Go to your profile and make sure that the cross play option is enabled to start playing with people on other platforms. After that, make sure you have added your friends through your friends list and you should be able to add them to games or challenge them directly.

Does MLB The Show 21 Have Cross Save/ Cross Progression

While it wasn’t available at launch, the game does now support cross progression on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, though it’s not as easy as logging into your account in-game. You need to go to TheShow.com, and log into your account. Then, under the My Account heading, you can connect your account from the other platform. Then, if you ever swap platforms or, for some reason, want to play on both, you should find your progress synced across both versions.

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