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*VOTE* Modern Warfare 2 wishlist – what features do YOU want most

Updated: Jul 21, 2022 11:24 am
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Modern Warfare 2 is fast approaching – so we’ve scoured community boards and Reddit to find out just what people want to see in the game.

Unsurprisingly, more improved graphics, better maps and solid league play are amongst the most popular features wanted. But what do you want?

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Amazingly, it looks as though fewer than a third of people have completed the Modern Warfare (2019) campaign, despite the game being out for years. Are campaigns no longer important?

We’d disagree. The MW (2019) campaign was class – and featured now iconic levels such as Clean House.

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Modern Warfare 2 is already one of the most anticipated games of the year

So what features would you like to see?

We’ve put some ideas down below to kick start your thinking:

  • Better graphics
  • Improved weapons customization
  • Improved league play
  • Original prestige system with levels 56 – 1000 after 10th prestige
  • Tweaks to battle pass and store bundles
  • Multiplayer launching with more content
  • Return of Pro and Specialist killstreaks

Let us know in the comments what sort of stuff you’d like to see in the new game!

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