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Modern Warfare 2 Best LM-S Build

Modern Warfare 2 Best LM-S Build

Updated: Nov 4, 2022 12:25 pm

Want to work on your marksmanship? Here’s our Modern Warfare 2 Best LM-S Build guide.

The LM-S in the game is technically a marksman rifle, but IRL, it’s a sniper rifle (the PSG-1 for all you gun nerds out there).

Read on to discover your best LM-S build.

Marksman Rifle or Sniper?

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It seems like COD is opening up the possibilities for marksman rifles to be viable mains in Modern Warfare 2.

Go play Modern Warfare 2019, and the situation could not be more different. Yes, that game has marksman rifles, but you might get a better K/D by attempting to feed it to your enemies rather than using it against them.

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They’re just no match against fully automatic weapons unless you stay far away from the battle and have incredible luck. But maybe that’s all about to change.

The FTAC Recon was a surprise to us. We’d jump into a game with it and not get killed. We can’t vouch for the LM-S, it is, after all, a very different rifle – but we’re encouraged to see Infinity Ward showing a little more love to marksman rifles.

Best LM-S Strategy Modern Warfare 2

We didn’t spend a ton of time with this rifle, but we can give you some general advice for getting the most out of a marksman rifle.

If you check out our Lockwood guide, many of the principles will be the same.

A marksman rifle trades full-auto firepower for single-shot simplicity. One to two shots should be all you need to put down an enemy. With solid recoil control it’s not impossible to go head to head with AR and SMG packing players and still come out on top.

You need to look for the right opportunities. Will you be able to play super aggressively? No, probably not, but you’ll be able to fight and win – if you fight smart.

Modern Warfare 2 Best LM-S Build FAQs

Is the LM-S a good gun?

The jury is out on this rifle until we can get our hands on the attachments when the game fully releases.

Is the LM-S a real gun?

Yes, it’s based on the Heckler & Koch PSG-1 sniper rifle.

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