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Does Modern Warfare 2 Beta Progress Carry Over?

Find out if you'll keep your gear from the MW2 beta.

Updated: Apr 21, 2023 10:45 am
Does Modern Warfare 2 Beta Progress Carry Over?

Are you concerned about Modern Warfare 2 Beta Progress being carried over?

With the MW2 Beta a few weeks ago, we all got the chance to dive feet-first into the latest COD games.

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Many people sunk plenty of hours into the beta and racked up a fair few ranks before the servers were taken offline again.

Let’s look into Beta Progress coming into MW2.

Does Modern Warfare 2 Beta Progress Carry Over?

MOdern Warfare 2 Night Sniper

Yes, thankfully, any progress you made during the Modern Warfare 2 beta will be carried over to the main game. Bear in mind that’s only true if you’re playing the main game on the same platform as you played the beta.

Keep an eye out for the battle pass rewards and your in-game Rank. Both of these metrics should have already started moving up if you played the beta enough to actually rank up or unlock any battle pass rewards.

You also may have to create all of your custom loadouts again, as some players have experienced losing their loadouts. Also, be on the lookout for custom loadouts being locked, which is another issue several players have faced lately.

Can you Unlock Stuff In MW2 for Warzone 2?

As well as carrying your beta progress across to the full version of the game, there are a few other special features about the way unlocking stuff works in MW2.

A major overhaul to Warzone is coming soon in the form of Warzone 2. Moving forward, Activision is aiming for a more unified COD experience, meaning that you’ll be able to use things you unlock on the Warzone 2 Battle Pass in Modern Warfare 2, and vice versa.

You’ll also be able to spend COD points across the board. Now, whenever you buy COD points, they’re attached to your COD account and can be spent in any of the various games that rely on them, not just the one you bought them in.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Progress Carry Over FAQs

What will carry over to Modern Warfare 2?

Any battle pass unlocks and levels from the MW2 beta will carry over to the main game, as will any COD points that you bought in other games.

Will MW2 be linked to Warzone?

Modern Warfare 2 will be paired with an upgraded Warzone experience in the form of Warzone 2.

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