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Modern Warfare 2 Custom Loadout Locked

Struggling with custom loadouts? We can help.

Updated: Nov 11, 2022 11:37 am
Modern Warfare 2 Custom Loadout Locked

Have you found that the custom loadout option is locked in Modern Warfare 2? This is one of many bugs plaguing players globally on launch day. Whether you’re just trying to create your perfect in-game loadout or want to see what guns are on offer, you’ll probably want to get this error fixed.

Luckily, you can try a few different things to get it working.

Read on to discover how to fix Custom Loadout being locked.

Modern Warfare 2 Custom Loadout Locked

COD MW2 Amsterdam Level Screenshot

If you find that the Custom Loadout option is locked, then there are a few steps you can take to try and get it moving again. We’ve listed the different fixes you can try for yourself below.

Level Up More

You won’t have access to custom loadouts from the get-go. To pick your own gear, you have to level up to a certain point first, so make sure you’ve at least level 4 before panicking about the missing option.

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Even if you’re over this threshold, some players have reported that leveling up a few times has re-unlocked the option, so maybe try playing with your default loadouts for a bit longer and see if something magical happens.

Restart the Game

Another obvious fix is completely shutting the game down and rebooting it. You can also restart your rig if you want to give this option an extra chance at success. It might take a few attempts before it works, so make sure you do it more than once.

It’s also important to try closing the game both suddenly with ALT+F4 as well as properly with the quit game option. Both of these methods have a slightly different effects on the game, so they’re both worth trying out.

Re-install the Game/Verify Integrity

This one might seem annoying, but it’s your only option if you’re stuck and have tried everything else. Reinstalling the game, or checking file integrity, could help to solve your issue.

Most platforms offer some form of a check to ensure that a game is installed correctly. Running this should prevent you from reinstalling the entire game by allowing your platform to download the missing/corrupted files alone.

Wait for an Update from Activision

If you’ve tried all of the above fixes and it’s still not working, then you’re out of luck. You’ll need to wait for Activision to release a patch that fixes this problem correctly, along with a myriad of other bugs currently plaguing users.

So far, they’ve at least patched out some of the major bugs, with the recent update fixing some of the optimization issues plaguing Xbox and PC players.

Why Are Custom Loadouts Locked at all?

Modern Warfare 2 Custom Loadout Screen

If you’ve been bothered by this bug, then you’re probably wondering why Infinity Ward locks custom loadouts at all. Well, the answer is pretty simple, it’s to get you used to the new multiplayer a bit first.

If you’re a veteran COD player, you probably won’t need the extra help. However, newer players need some time to acclimate to the new gameplay and guns available. Giving them several levels where they can only use pre-constructed builds means they can settle into a gameplay style before constructing their own.

That’s also why you can’t customize your guns too heavily at first. With all of the options available, it could be incredibly overwhelming to suddenly have access to it all. Besides, you can always make guns however you want in a private game.

Modern Warfare 2 Custom Loadout Locked FAQs

How do you unlock custom loadout?

You must achieve Rank 4 to unlock custom loadouts in Modern Warfare 2.

Why are the Loadouts locked for editing?

The only reason you’ll be locked out of custom loadouts in Modern Warfare 2 is if there’s a bug, or you’re not higher than Rank 4.

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