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MW2 Disable Crossplay – Turn Off Crossplay On Xbox

Xbox players will have to suffer.

Updated: Nov 4, 2022 11:15 am
MW2 Disable Crossplay – Turn Off Crossplay On Xbox

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is finally out, and it brings a whole host of people wanting to play multiplayer. That said, many fans want to know if you can disable the crossplay in MW2.

We have good news for some of you and bad news for the rest of you, so get ready to take that in soon.

MW2 Disable Crossplay – Can You Do It?

MW2 crossplay Xbox Series

So the reason that people tend to disable crossplay is to avoid matching against people playing on a PC that are using a keyboard and mouse. You see, a keyboard and mouse tend to give much better precision in FPS games than a controller does, and it can cause a relative power imbalance against players on these systems.

There’s also the chance that PC players could be hacking the game, which is much harder to do on a console. Normally, games will allow players to turn off crossplay, especially in a competitive environment, to address some of these issues.

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However, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 only allows you to toggle crossplay off on your PlayStation. That slider is completely missing on PC systems regardless of what launcher you use, and also isn’t there if you’re playing on the Xbox family of consoles.

Even the recent update doesn’t seem to have fixed the issue for anyone. There’s a strong chance we’ll be waiting a while longer to disable crossplay in MW2, at least for PC and Xbox players.

Is There A Way Around This?

There is a way around this, though it’s rather weird. The Xbox family of consoles will allow you to turn off crossplay at a system level, meaning that no games will match you with anybody playing on any other consoles.

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As of the time of writing this, though, there’s no sign of a workaround on PC for this. You’ll have to suffer playing with console players who are likely far less precise than you are.

MW2 Disable Crossplay FAQs

Can You Disable Crossplay?

Only on the PlayStation family of consoles, sadly.

Is There A Way To Do It On Xbox?

Yes, you can disable crossplay on a system level using the Xbox Settings menu.

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