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MW2 Error Code Diver – What Is It & How To Fix

Updated: Dec 20, 2022 1:58 pm

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 fans have had it tough since the game launched earlier today. There’s been a pretty consistent stream of errors and issues that players have found themselves battling through, and this has led to a lot of very understandable frustration. One of these error codes is the MW2 Error Code Diver.


But what is this error code? What does it mean? How do you fix it? Not to fret for we have all the knowledge you need to know.

What Is MW2 Error Code Diver?

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The Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Error Code Diver appears only when the game is unable to download all necessary files. This results in an incomplete installation and then leads you to retry the download.

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Obviously, without all the files there’s absolutely no way that you can play the game, but sometimes even reinstalling the game just doesn’t work.

How Do I Fix The Error?

So how can you fix the MW2 Error Code Diver? Well, there are a few different ways that you can do it:

  • There’s a chance there’s just maintenance on the game occurring, so keep tabs on all official social channels.
  • Check if you’re connected to the internet. It sounds stupid, but sometimes the simplest solutions are the ones we never check.
  • Restart your router.
  • Verify the integrity of your game files, or check that your game doesn’t need an update on your chosen system. (If you’re on Xbox, scroll to Games & Apps in the dashboard, select manage, and then updates. If you’re on PlayStation, press options while on the icon for MW2 and click check for updates. Steam players must select properties and choose the local files tab before verifying the integrity of any game files.)

Other ways to get it to work may include:

Check for updates

  • Steam
    • Right-click on the title, select Properties, and then click Updates
  • Console
    • Click the Start or Menu button and select Check for Updates
  • Battle.net
    • Click the Settings gear icon and Check for Updates

The next thing you can try is resetting your Modem. Here’s how you can do that:

Reset your Modem for Error Code Diver

  • Quit game completely
  • Unplug the internet modem / router
  • Wait 3 seconds
  • Wait for your router to reboot, which could take time
  • After resetting your modem / router, downloading again

Trying LAN

Trying LAN connection could also work. Using an ethernet cable, or even a different wireless connection might yield different results.

Re-Downloading a Data Pack

  • Try deleting and re-downloading one of the data packs
  • Successfully downloading and installing it should verify the whole app and fix the error

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And that’s that. Are you enjoying Modern Warfare 2?

What is the main cause of DIVER error code in MW2?

Usually, the main problem is inconsistencies with the internet connection. However, graphics issues can also plague your game in rarer cases.

What is causing MW2 to crash?

A common causation for the game crashes are outdated graphics drivers. To prevent this, ensure yours are fully updated.

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