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MW2 How To Do A Finishing Move

Updated: Apr 15, 2023 1:26 am
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The most stylish way to kill someone in Mw2 is with a finishing move. This is something that every character has and you can even unlock extra ones to be used across all operators through the battle pass’s rewards. While there may not be a mission linked to them like point-blank kills, many players like to use finishing moves to show how good they are at the game. But knowing how to land one can be a bit tricky. Here is how you can do finishing moves in MW2.

How To Do A Finishing Move in MW2

While your first thought might be that you need to use a knife or some sort of melee weapon to do a finishing move, you don’t have to limit yourself like that. A finishing move can be done with any weapon in the game, even the new FJX Imperium. All you need to do is press and hold your melee button while behind someone. This should start the finishing move animation for both you and the target.

The perspectives are a bit different depending on if you are doing the move or having it done to you, so the enemy might not see everything that you are seeing while it is happening. You should also remember that you are not immune to damage while doing a finishing move, so an enemy can come up and kill you mid-animation and save their teammate. So try to do one on an enemy by themselves.

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The hardest part of finishing moves is the fact that you need to sneak up on someone to get them. Since footsteps are so loud and most players are constantly moving, catching someone out can be a bit hard. That’s where using Dead Silence comes in. This makes it much easier to catch someone as you move faster than normal and in total silence. Allowing you to quickly sneak up behind someone even if they are on the move.

Make sure you hold the melee button down when you do sneak up behind someone. Otherwise, you will hit them normally and alert them as to what you are doing. It can be a bit odd to hit at times, so keep your eyes out for the prompt to know you are in the right spot.

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